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What Is Ovarian Cysts? Hailey Bieber Opens Up About The Health Condition

Hailey Bieber Suffer From Ovarian Cysts
Recently, Hailey Bieber opened up about her health condition, in which she has been suffering from recurring ovarian cysts. She shared her experience, and what it means to go through such a condition. 

Hailey Bieber Suffer From Ovarian Cysts

Bieber shared a photo highlighting the bloating of her stomach. She captions the post, “not a baby.” Further adds, “I have a cyst on my ovary the size of an apple. I don’t have endometriosis or PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome] but I have gotten an ovarian cyst a few times and it’s never fun,” 

“It’s painful and achey and makes me feel nauseous and bloated and crampy and emotional,” Bieber wrote. 

She further explained, “They found I had suffered a very small blood clot in my brain, which caused a small lack of oxygen, but my body had passed on its own and I recovered completely within a few hours.”

What Is Ovarian Cysts?

Ovarian cysts can happen to anyone and are common among women. Only the symptoms are not quickly detectable but they can be very painful. Ovarian cysts disappear within a few months, also, a few need to be removed surgically.

Women with ovarian cysts experience pelvic pressure and pelvic pain. The pain can be constant or temporarily coming and going. It can cause gastrointestinal issues such as nausea, bloating, constipation, and abdominal distention. Few may experience urinary issues, unexplained weight gain, or pain during sex. The cyst-producing hormones like estrogen or testosterone can cause issues with menstruation.

The statistics on ovarian cysts are not present in exact number but estimates suggest around 7% of women suffer ovarian cysts at some point in their life. The data from CT scans estimates that between 6%18% of premenopausal women are unaware of such diagnoses. 

Every month during periods, a follicle develops on one of the ovaries. The follicle produces hormones that help the uterus for implantation if the egg is fertilised by a sperm. Once the egg is mature, the follicle releases the egg into the ovarian tube. If the release of the egg fails and the follicle persists, it may continue to grow. Fertility treatment can cause a woman’s ovaries to develop more follicles at once, increasing the potential for cysts.

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