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Seven Instagram Pages Break Taboos- Talking Sexual Health

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Sexual health is not just about how to stay safe during sex, it is about emotional and physical well-being. It is a part of something which we haven’t been introduced to- Sex Education. Talking and being open about your sexual health will help you make positive boundaries in your own relationship with yourself and your sexual partners. It should not be scary or embarrassing to talk about your sexual needs, your desires, and most importantly how you want to achieve them. Here are some Instagram pages and influencers that talk about sexual health, education and how to go about it.

Thanks to the internet, today we have places that teach us about sexual health, something that our schools should have initiated, but instead rushed even through the reproduction chapter. In this article, we pick, Instagram pages that break taboos. The internet gives us too many answers, and additional questions, but here are some creators that give you the right amount of information about sex, sexual health, and educates you about everything around it.

1. @sexelducation 

Emily L. Depasse is a researcher and an influencer on Instagram who strives to change and modify narratives around sexual health, sexual awareness and STIs. She teaches her audience how to have the difficult conversations around sex, sexual needs, pleasure, acceptance and encourages communication and discussions around sexual well-being. Her page also aims to destigmatise sexually transmitted infections and also ways to protect yourself from them.

2. @evyan.whitney 

Ev’Yan Whitney is a sex educator and sexualist on Instagram who talks about sex, destigmatises discussions around desires and sexual needs. She coined the term ‘sexuality doula’, have you heard of it? Well, it refers to “someone who educates, facilitates, supports, and holds space for women and femme-identifying folks who are ready to step out of shame, confusion, and fear within their sexuality and into erotic empowerment—whatever that looks like for them.”

Whitney also has her own podcast called Sensual Duola. The influencer shares parts of her own journey of healing and acceptance and gave birth to the #sensualselfiechallenge, a five-day radical self-love program that’s aimed at encouraging you to celebrate your sexuality and your body in bold ways.

3. @cuterus 

Dr. Tanaya Narendra, is the millennial doctor, the internet desperately needed has finally surfaced! She talks about sexual health for all genders and all sexualities. Dr. Narendra comments on the flooding information on the internet, an interview with The Hindustan Times “I was misled so much myself, that I hated my body for a long time,” she says. “You keep hearing that your intimate areas should be lightened or that your butt should be firm. But pigmentation is normal and so is your butt.” She brings important information that our generation that is supposedly “woke” should know about- consent, contraception, infections, pleasure, desires and sex.

4. @friendly_neighbourhood_obgyn 

Dr Riddhima Shetty is an obstetrician and gynaecologist who talks about women’s health, sexual habits and health. She is your one-stop instagram doctor whose page will answer your questions- PCOS, STIs, contraception, fertility, intimate hygiene and everything around women’s health. As a woman, you should follow her right now and not overthink your blood flows or white discharge.

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5. @girltalkindia

This platform is your go to to educate yourself about reproductive and sexual health particular from the lens of a young woman. They talk of topics like dating after trauma, contraception, sexuality and the mind etc. Rest assured that all the questions you were dead scared to ask Dr. Google, you can ask them here and get peer advice.

6. @askgytree 

This page takes a holistic path of approaching issues like women’s sexual, reproductive health and all areas under the umbrella of well-being. It takes an all-encompassing understanding of women’s health and discusses topics that are still considered a taboo hush hush topic in India: menstruation, sex, discussions around STDs, pleasure and sex.

7. @coachpallavibarnwal

Pallavi Barnwal is a certified sexuality coach on Instagram. She talks about veiled topics like orgasms, pleasure, consent, premarital sex extra-marital sex. She is also the author of Sex Is.. Memoir of a Woman’s Sexuality, a book that doesn’t shy away from talking about things that are natural but are seen as Haye Ladki Muh Kala Kar Ke Aa Gayi (Our girl has brought us immense shame). Her page educates the vast audience about consent, that is almost unheard of in patriarchal societies like ours, porn which is de facto learning material, she talks beyond the surface and gives voices to those thoughts that just existed as repressed questions we could not ask our mothers, friends or Google.

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