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Tanaya Narendra aka Cuterus on What You Must Know About Sexual Health

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On SheThePeople we bring you many important voices on issues related to sexual health and sex. One such voice is that of Dr Tanaya Narendra aka Cuterus who collaborated with us to talk about how women must know their body better and how they must get smarter about sexual and reproductive health.

In India, talking about sex is considered taboo by society. Even though surveys after surveys show Indians have sex and often lots of it, somehow our shyness and hesitance in talking about it, is tremendous.

Along with Dr Tanaya Narendra, SheThePeople brings you important discussions and explainers.

10 Tips for better vaginal health that woman should know about

Is the intimate wash necessary?  What kind of underwear should you wear? How to wash your vagina? What kind of hair remover one should use? There are many questions related to vaginal health. Are we ready to talk about it?

How to keep your vagina clean?

Should you spit or swallow during oral sex?

There are many myths about oral sex floating around the internet. But no one talks about medical reasons.  There are few people who know about Herpes, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea. Here in the video, Dr. Tanya will tell you is it safe to have oral sex and what are the consequences of it.

How to Remove Pubic Hair?

The hair around our genital areas is sometimes risky to remove. It depends on the skin types and techniques sometimes. You must have tried waxing, tweezing, hair removal creams, trimming, and whatnot.

But do you know the right thing or the right way to remove pubic hair? Here in the video Dr. Tanaya has elucidated the right way to remove hair.


Clitoral stimulation: An important part of female orgasms-

80%  of women have said, they orgasm from clitoral stimulation. But what is the clitoral? How does it help in orgasm?  There are massive myths related to women’s orgasm and here in the video, you find every answer to the question, related to orgasm.


How to insert a menstrual cup? Will you lose your virginity if you use one? All questions answered-

Do you use a menstrual cup? Have you ever thought of using a little menstrual cup? Or are you scared that you will lose your virginity? A menstrual cup on average lasts for 5-10 years, it is reusable. Here’s all you need to know about the menstrual cup.

Different colours of vaginal discharge and what they mean-

Vagina discharge is completely normal, everybody gets a certain amount of vaginal fluid that leaks out of the vagina, says Dr. Tanaya. But what does the discharge mean? When should you see a doctor? Curious to know answers?

Here in the video Dr. Tanaya clears any doubt about vaginal discharge. 

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Tanaya Narendra aka Cuterus on What You Must Know About Sexual Health
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