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Curly Hair Tips: Of These Seven, Number 6 Is The Holy Grail For Those With Curls

I still remember the days when I used to brush my hair continuously expecting some miracle to happen that will make my hair silky and straight. But, my hair still always looked frizzy and unruly and nobody around me from professionals to normal people knew how to tackle them. Everybody had one advice, “ Why don’t you get them straightened permanently?”. It took me a few years and a lot of research to realise that my hair is naturally curly and it needs to be taken care of in a certain way for my curls to look and feel healthy. In India, people with curly hair don’t get enough representation and there aren’t enough resources to know how to manage them maybe because they don’t fit into the ideal beauty standards of straight and long hair.

So, here are a few tips for people who are starting their curly hair journey and want to embrace their beautiful curl:

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  1. Say Bye-Bye To Harsh Shampoos: Shampooing is the first and foremost step in any hair care routine irrespective of the type. It cleans the scalp, removes dirt, excess oil, dead cells, and any product build-up. Remember that a healthy scalp is the most important prerequisite for healthy hair. Since curly hair tends to be drier, choose mild shampoos that are free of harsh chemicals like sulfate, paraben, alcohol and also have no fragrance. I like using moisturizing shampoos that are specifically meant for curly hair and are free of toxic chemicals.
  2. Shampoo less frequently: If you have curly hair stop shampooing your hair every day. Shampooing sucks out the natural oil from your curls leaving them dry and lifeless. I shampoo once or twice a week, you will have to figure out what frequency works the best for you. In case you feel like your hair needs washing try to co-wash instead of shampooing. Co-wash is using the conditioner and then rinsing the hair, the moisture will be replenished and your hair will be less frizzy. But do not overdo it, only use a quarter-sized drop of conditioner.
  3. Never Detangle Dry Curls: As much as you are told to brush your hair every day, just don’t do it if you have curly hair especially when your hair isn’t wet. Detangle while you are in the shower and your hair is thoroughly wet, this avoids breakage and frizz. I detangle my hair after shampooing when there is a generous amount of conditioner in my hair which provides it a slip and the task gets easier. The next thing to remember is to use a wide-tooth brush and always start to detangle from the tips and then gradually move towards the roots.
  4. Ditch Your Regular Towel: Towels can prove to be extremely harsh and drying for your hair. When you rub your wet hair with a regular it causes damage and friction which only causes frizz. Next time when you wash your hair try using a cotton cloth maybe any cotton tee that you have and gently scrunch your hair upwards. The cotton cloth will absorb the excess water and product without causing any damage.
  5. Say Yes To Curly Hair Creams And Gels But Choose Them Wisely: It is very important to use curly hair creams and gels as they provide the extra moisture that your curly mane desperately needs. Curly hair creams are used just after you wash and condition your hair. Remember your hair must be dripping wet while using the cream. When you are buying products to style and moisturize your curly hair, choose them carefully. Sculpting gels and extra strong creams can prove to help, but try to stick to light-weight creams and serums.
  6. Deep Conditioning is your best friend: When your hair feels dry or damaged, instead of co-washing try deep conditioning. It will replenish the moisture in your hair and make them healthy and bouncy. To deep condition apply conditioner to the lengths of your hair and put on a shower cap before you step into the shower. Shower with lukewarm water, so that the heat and steam from the shower will lock in all the moisture from the hair conditioner. After around 20 minutes rinse out the conditioner well. Try to do this once a week.
  7. Trim Your Mane Often: You curls bounce upwards when you get rid of the split ends and damaged tips that were weighing them down. Next time when you go to a salon asks the barber to dry cut your hair since curly hair looks very different when they are straight. Also, the right time to get a haircut is when you notice that your hair is getting flattened around the crown.

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Arunima Sharma is an intern with SheThePeople.TV