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Skin Spotlight : Benefits of Oiling Before Bath

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The skin is the largest organ in the human body but it can often lose its nutrients due to loss in skin integrity owing to a variety of external factors. Skin can lose moisture for myriad reasons like sun exposure, ageing, smoking, cold winters, use of harsh soaps, frequent bathing, and other medical conditions. So, nourishing and moisturising the skin regularly is important to keep it healthy and glowing. 

The skin benefits of the oil are plenty and it has got the whole world swearing by it. Oil massage before bath is a traditional custom that continues to be relevant even today. The most simple and inexpensive skin moisturisers that fill the space between skin cells and keep them bouncy and soft are natural oils. Oils have been used topically to improve its appearance and health since ancient times in the care of women and children. As the benefits of oiling before bath are well-documented, it’s worth incorporating the practice in your skincare regime.  

What are the benefits of Oiling Before Bath?

Applying and massaging oil on the body before bath is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to take care of numerous skin woes. A gentle warm oil massage before a bath can allow the skin to reap the maximum benefits of the nutrients in oil for your skin. Here are a few ways it is useful in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing:

  1. Oiling Help in Locking the Skin’s Moisture Content

Oiling can be your skin’s best friend, especially in winters. Moisturising the skin with natural oils such as Mustard, Walnut oil, etc., can help combat dry, flaky, and itchy skin as they form an effective barrier in preventing moisture loss from the epidermis, the top layer of the skin. Oils containing essential fatty acids like linoleic acid are good choices for massaging dry and sensitive skin as they leave the skin feeling supple and smooth.

  1. It Reduces Body Aches And Pains

Research has proven that a massage with essential oils can help relieve pain in individuals with arthritis. Existing studies also suggest that massages with essential oils can have anti-inflammatory benefits. Warm oil massage can help improve blood circulation and relax your sore muscles. Deep friction massage has been useful in the treatment of injuries caused during sports. Masso– “give assistance operations” is a gentle rub with the palm on the naked body. This practice was essentially used to increase the metabolic rate in athletes to reduce muscle fatigue, remove lactic acid, and improve flexibility to prevent injuries by the ancient Greeks. 

  1. Oiling Can Help In Detoxification of The Skin

The Ayurveda suggests the massage practice as part of one’s daily regimen owing to its long-term benefits. Abhyangam is an Ayurveda practice of using warm oil for massage. Ancient practitioners of the technique believe that it can help remove accumulated toxins in the body that relaxes and revives the mind, body, and spirit. Abhyangam is also a prelude to the five-step skin purgatory process known as Panchakarma therapy. 

  1. Oiling Can Protect the Skin against Photo damage

As ultraviolet rays damage the skin and increase the chances of skin cancers, it is important to protect the skin against the sun’s rays. Geranium is also proven to protect skin against photo damage. Coconut oil is not just an effective skin moisturiser for your skin but is also known to be a mild sunscreen that blocks about 20 percent of the harmful UV rays. 

  1. It Can Reduce Signs of Ageing

Applying a layer of skin moisturising agents like oil can also help trap skin moisture and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Hence, slowing down the signs of ageing. Massaging the body with a mixture of essential oils like helichrysum can improve skin cell turnover, promote collagen and elastin that supports skin elasticity. This can result in a more bouncy and youthful appearance of skin.

  1. Massaging can help de-stress

Research has found that massaging can release oxytocin, the hormone that makes us feel good. Thus, an oil massage helps you relax and rejuvenate by managing and reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

For the longest time, oils have been used in many cultures around the world to protect and nourish the skin. Therefore, soaking up all the goodness of oils can have your skin looking naturally radiant and optimally healthy. No matter what season it is, the skin needs to be pampered. Not only is this essential but will leave you feeling luxurious during your self-care rituals. 

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