How India Plans To Bring G20 Nations Together To Broker Peace Discussions

Catherine Colonna, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, participated in G20 meet in New Delhi. She emphasised how peace discussions are the need of the hour amidst war emergencies.

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G20 Nations Peace Discussions
Like all other G20 ministries, Colonna's G20 purpose in India hopes to find its way into the Leader's Declaration this year. Catherine Colonna the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs participated in the G20 meeting for foreign ministers in New Delhi. It was held on the 2nd of March and facilitated by India's Presidency this year. This is Mme Colonna's second visit to India so far for diplomatic purposes.

Colonna's G20 Purpose in India: Resolution To Broker Peace Between Russia and Ukraine 

Russia-Ukraine's long-standing war hostilities have endangered food security and energy in the most financially sensitive nations of the world. As G20 ministers line up their agendas to discuss all the issues that the war has cropped up, priority will also be given to commitments made at the Bali Summit last year. 

Mme Colonna expresses her support for India's Presidency endeavour to bring G20 nations together to broker peace discussions for the Russia-Ukraine war. This will ensure that G20 nations including Russia live up to the standards enlisted in the UN Charter notwithstanding disagreement. 

She also seeks to call for action and responsibility to meet humanitarian needs that have developed in nations as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. 

Keeping in mind the climate crisis that has arisen, Mme Colonna seeks collaboration among her G20 counterparts to further a plan toward funding sustainable development in the upcoming June Summit. This Summit will also be attended by President Macron and pivots on a new Global Financial Pact. 

The G20 June Summit addressing the financing of climate concerns will be hosted by France in cooperation with India's Presidency. Mme Colonna plans to urge her G20 counterparts to decarbonise their economies for a greener earth. Additionally, she seeks that G20 nations make good on their agreement of protecting biodiversity at the Kuming-Montreal COP15.


Mme Colonna will be meeting with MEA Jaishankar to review France and India's strategic partnership, discuss global issues, and strengthen their Indo-Pacific security ties through dialogue. She will be attending the event on gender equality and launching an exchange program in India for the talented youth of Indian and French heritage. Furthermore, the Villa Swagatam initiative will be unveiled by her, and discussions on the National Museum Project will take place with the Indian Minister of Culture.

The strategic partnership between India and France will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023. Therefore, Mme Colonna's visit is important for India. 

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