Entrepreneurship goes beyond startup funding say these entrepreneurs


Whether the times are good or bad, startups are always looking for funding to take their business to the next stage. It’s an exhilarating exercise but can be just as much frustrating.

Here are 10 quotes about startups that you need to read to know more about what entrepreneurship stands for.

  • “Building a start-up is like having a baby.  The birth is the painful, scrappy bit but every little cackle, every little milestone that the baby then achieves is such a kick”- Ritu Kapur of The Quint.
  • “With guilt as a partner, I just try a little harder, I run a little faster, I smile a little brighter. With guilt as a partner, I am in competition with myself”- Anastassiya Savchenko of Jaipur Women Blog

  • “My failures, however small led me to challenge the environment and be accepted seriously as an entrepreneur. I needed to prove that my designs mattered and catered to the latent need of the customers”- Nina Lekhi of Baggit.
  • “People don’t work for ‘jobs’ as we have traditionally defined them but are excited by the changing nature of the medium and opportunities digital offers” – Radhika Agarwal of KindLife

  • “I wanted to impact people around us. Also the question of not having enough Indian genome data. And so we thought of doing this” – Anu Acharya of Map My Genome.

  • “When you just keep going towards your dream, automatically you’ll have your success. A day starts with paying off and giving back what you have taken earlier” – Anu Sridharan of Next Drop.

  • “Going to work every day is like going out, meeting friends and building up a project. It’s that excitement which day after day, just does not end somehow” – Swati Bhargava of CashKaro.
  • “A strong determination to make a difference in the lives of lesser fortunate people steered me to where I am today” – Bharathi Singh of SA Mudra Foundation.
  • “Failure is not an option. I fail, get over with it and come back to the game. There shouldn’t be any option of going back or shutting it down” – Aditi Chaurasia of EngineerBabu.

  • “If you create something that fills a need gap intelligently, there will be a market for it” – Sanya Kapoor of Magikbox.

  • Go after building your business, with passion and belief. I would think about all those amazing entrepreneurs who built businesses when no funding options were on the table – Shaili Chopra, Founder, Gytree and SheThePeople