Zwigato Twitter Review: Netizens Praise Film’s Narrative And Acting

Zwigato declared tax free
The eagerly anticipated Nandita Das film Zwigato had its cinematic debut today, March 17. The slice-of-life drama, which stars actor Shahana Goswami and comedian Kapil Sharma, centres on the struggles of a delivery agent in the post-pandemic era who attempts to stay up with ratings and delivery numbers.

Kapil Sharma plays the delivery agent Manas in the film, while Shahana Goswami plays his on-screen wife. The much-anticipated film made its debut in the renowned Busan and Toronto Film Festivals in 2022 and made its theatrical debut today.

Zwigato Twitter Review

On the surface, Zwigato film appears to be about a delivery rider navigating the gig economy and rating system, showing the difficulties faced by the average person. But, there are many more aspects that have also been examined. Whether it is the husband-wife dynamic and how we watch it change throughout the tale, or the kids, and how difficult situations bring people closer.

Zwigato is only a few minutes long, and while it has a very sluggish beginning, the second half picks up significantly.

Social media users have shown a lot of admiration for the movie. Twitter fans are complimenting both Kapil Sharma’s performance and the movie’s plot.

A Twitter user shared that the film portrayed the family’s narrative in “the most subtle and revealing way”. The user added that several scenes in the film would make audiences ponder how much depth director Nandita Das adds to her films.

Another Twitter user described it as a “fantastic movie” and added that it was heartfelt, genuine, and honest. The user added that Zwigato might be the “finest” film they’d watch in 2023 and signed off by saying, “I’m going to keep this with me forever.”

Actor, model and singer Shehnaz Gill took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the film and praised Sharma for his acting ability. She said she saw a completely different side to comedian Sharma. Gill also praised the direction of the film, the compelling narrative, and the stellar cast. She described it as

Rahul Dholakia also commented on the movie, saying, ‘Such a beautiful movie you’ve made, @nanditadas! Shahna Goswami and Kapil Sharma are both fantastic in the sweet and contemplative movie Zwigato.’

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