Prada Terminates Contract With Chinese Actor: 10 Things To Know About The Surrogacy Scandal

Zhen Shuang surrogacy scandal

Global luxury fashion brand Prada has dropped a popular Chinese actor after her row over surrogacy surfaced. The actor, Zhen Shuang has allegedly abandoned two children born to surrogates abroad after her split with her partner.

As soon as the scandal emerged, the Prada Group released a statement through its social media page in Weibo stating, “significant recent media coverage” of Shuang’s “personal life” led them to terminate “all relations”.

Condemning the alleged act of the actor online, many urged that she has to be banned from the entertainment industry.

Here is what we know of the scandal

  1. At the beginning of the week, Zhen Shuang’s ex-partner Zhang Heng addressed speculations regarding his extended period of stay abroad through Weibo. Referring to his situation as “helpless”, he revealed that he had been taking care of “two young and innocent lives”. In fact, Heng was stuck in the US with his two children.
  2. Soon his post spread through social media like wildfire. Later, domestic media outlets found the children’s birth certificates. According to the certificates, they were born in the US to two separate women in late 2019 and early 2020.
  3. Now it came as surprise to many as Zhen Shuang was listed as their mother. The speculations over the use of surrogates appeared to be confirmed by a tape leaked online.
  4. In the tape, the actor is heard expressing frustration due to the fact that the pregnancies were too late to be terminated. Another voice of a man, reportedly, Shuang’s father suggested that the children could be given up for adoption.
  5. Of course, the revelations in the recording boosted the rage of people. They referred Zhen Shuang as “cruel” and accused her of being an irresponsible mother.
  6. Zhen Shuang released a statement on Tuesday. She said that the above mentioned audio recording was only a small clip from a 6 hours long conversation. The actor emphasised her stance and reiterated that she would not “run away from what I have said.” She added in her defence that surrogacy is illegal in China.
  7. In the context of this scandal, state broadcaster CCTV released a very serious statement that read,” China prohibited all kinds of surrogacy”. Further, it said, “surrogacy and abandoning children are against social morals and public order.”
  8. According to local media, the actor will not be able to enter China with the children without due paperwork signed.
  9. #DoYouSupportSurrogacy began trending on Weibo since. Many called the scandal as morally unethical. Also, they added that hiring surrogates overseas was only an option that rich people could afford.
  10. However, the Global Times quoted a Beijing-based matrimonial lawyer who said, “while surrogacy is illegal in China, those who pay for such services overseas could not be charged under local laws”. Although he added that her “abandonment of her children” was still “subject to the jurisdiction of Chinese laws”.