Thriller Show ‘Candy’ Received Positive Response; Will Audience Get A Season 2?

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Writers Agrim Joshi and Deobjit Das Purkavastha have co-created the famous web series, Candy. It features Richa Chadha, Rishi Chadha, and Ronit Roy along with Gopal Datt Tiwari and Riddi Kumar as the lead actors.

Candy is a murder-mystery thriller that will give you chills once you watch it. Ronit Roy who essays the role of a professor finds out that one of his students is killed and the other one is missing. Roy, who is grief-struck from his daughter’s death two years ago, gets buried deep under the secret of Rudrakund.

It is a well-executed Indian web series with detailed work and a mysterious plot. With every new episode of this series, a new surprise awaits the audience. With the best of things in season 1, people are sitting tight for Candy Season 2.

Reviews of Candy Season 1

The web series, featuring Ronit Roy and Richa Chaddha, has received many positive reviews from the audience. One reviewer says that this is a “must-watch edge-of-the-seat” thriller web series. “The premises are genuinely interesting and the pace of Candy is good. Even the slower episodes of candy are applauded for connecting the whole series in an organized way. The performances of the cast were well received by the audience,” they further wrote.

Another person writes that the story of this series is a selling point. Candy features a lot of twists and turns which will not let your mind divert from it. No viewer can get bored at any point in time.

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Candy Season 2 Release Date

The first season of this show gained quite a lot of praise. It has eight episodes in total but the fans of this series want more. Though the makers have not given a proper date of release, the open-ended climax suggests that there is going to be an addition to Candy.

In an interview, Michael Kantroo who played the role of Luka said that The writers and makers of the show obviously have something in mind as they have given an open end to season 1. He also said that Candy received a good response and love from the audience. Like an Optimist, he likes to believe that things will go well.