Who Is Meena Narayanan? Nambi Narayanan’s Wife And His Partner Through Struggles

meena narayanan
Meena Narayanan, Nambi Narayanan’s wife, like a true life partner stood by his side as he struggled with the charges of espionage on him. Nambi’s journey is brought to life in R Madhavan’s recently released movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect.

R Madhavan directed and starred movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect released on June 30 in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam. The movie chronicles of the prominent Indian scientist, Nambi Narayanan, who once was an important engineer at Indian Space Research Organisation and is credited for the liquid-fueled Vikas engine which is still used in Indian rockets.

The movie features how the false accusations of espionage affected the life of Nambi as well as his family. Actor Simran Bagga plays the role of Meena Narayanan, wife of Nambi Narayanan, in the movie. Here’s what we know about her.

Who is Meena Narayanan, Nambi Naryanan’s Wife?

Meena and Nambi were married with two children when the worse phase of their life began. The widespread anger against Nambi that rooted from the false accusations of him sharing the rocket designs from ISRO to Pakistan was enough to shook his entire family.

Meena stood by her husband’s side throughout the struggle being his support system. She never once doubted him as she knew that he was a true patriot and would never do anything to cause harm to his country.

As per reports, Meena was a firm believer of God and used to visit the temple everyday. However, after the widespread rumours against Nambi, she once went to the temple and the priest refused to offer prasadam to her. She came back home and told him that she was not going to temple again. While Nambi was arrested for the charges against him, Meena and her two children stayed at home and their safety was ensured by the few neighbours who had faith in Nambi and supported them in their struggle against the system.

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