Who Is Jaclyn Gibson? Influencer Faces Backlash For Sharing Video Of Crying Husband

who is Jaclyn Singletary Gibson
Who is Jaclyn Singletary Gibson: An influencer is under heavy fire for shooting and uploading a video of her husband, while he was having a private moment crying alone in their backyard earlier this week. The Texas-based woman was compelled to take down the video from TikTok, where it gained approximately five million views, and issued a statement calling the last 24 hours “horrifying.”

In Instagram stories, Jaclyn Singletary Gibson revealed the kind of “repulsive and obnoxious” comments she received after the video of her husband went viral.

“You’re the worst’, ‘How could you put this out there?’” said Gibson, on what people were saying to her online. “How the heck did this dumb video go viral?”

The viral video of her husband, along with a long caption, still exists on Gibson’s Instagram account. “Sometimes our men need the permission to cry, to feel, to regroup and to release whatever emotions or feelings that might be pent up,” she writes before elaborating on how one day her husband was “off” and “needed a breather.”

What The Influencer Said About The Viral Video

“I told him to go outside, get some sun, take some deep breaths, ask the Lord for help and to take his time. Tears rolled down his eyes and the second he stepped outside he let them roll. It’s those moments where I remember that the responsibility a man holds is heavy,” Gibson’s Instagram post reads.

While many attacked her for the post, there were several who were supportive of her for showing the “vulnerable” side of influencers that is often absent from Instagram.

On TikTok, she was subjected to massive outrage by netizens who claimed her video amounted to invasion of her husband’s privacy for likes and fame on the internet.

Who Is Jaclyn Singletary Gibson?

With over 217,000 followers on Instagram, Gibson is a fashion, lifestyle and motherhood influencer. She uploads content with and about her family – her husband Seth, and two children – on TikTok where she is famous under ‘thegibsonfam’ account. Her posts are often accompanied by captions that talk about navigating relationships and identity that followers find to be motivational.

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