When Is Letterkenny Season 11 Coming Out?

Letterkenny Season 11 Premiere, Letterkenny Season 11 Release Date
Letterkenny season 11 has got fans waiting for its release as they are eager to watch how the story unfolds further. Even though the season 10 ended in December 2021, the new season is already in the making and is expected to come out soon.

Letterkenny is an American sitcom that started streaming in 2016 and has had 10 seasons so far and now the season 11 will also be coming out soon. Each season consisted of around 6 episodes, about half an hour each, that showcased the life of people living in the fictional rural area of Lettekenny in Ontario. In 2019, the streaming rights of the entire series and its future seasons were exclusively acquired by OTT platform Hulu and all the seasons are available to watch on the platform.

Letterkenny Plot

Letterkenny follows the life of Wayne and Katy, a brother-sister duo who produce stand and run a farm in Letterkenny and are helped by Wayne’s friends, Daryl and Squirelly Dan. The show features the different residents of the town, their lives and their problems. So far, it showcased Wayne’s efforts to defend his image as the toughest guy in the town and his dating life after being cheated on and dumped by his high school sweetheart, the ice hockey team of Letterkenny that does not win very often, the schemes of the drug addicts of the town, also known as skids, to destroy the town and it’s residents and the population of Letterkenny that consists of various Canadian communities like Mennonites, First Nation and Quebecois.

Letterkenny Cast

The series’ cast included Jared Keeso, Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, K. Trevor Wilson, Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Tyler Johnson and others as the characters in the Letterkenny town. The show is created by Jared Keeso who has also written it along with Jacob Tierney, the director of the show. Besides running for such a long period of time, the show has also won the award for the Best Comedy Series in 2017 at the 5th Canadian Screen Awards.

Letterkenny Season 11 Release Date

The production for the season 11 of the sitcom began in June 2021 along with the season 10 as announced by the makers. The season 10 came out in December 2021 and hence, the season 11 is expected to come out somewhere in the coming months of 2022.

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