When Musician And Content Creator Vipasha Malhotra Gets To Meet Singer Aurora

Vipasha Malhotra Meets Aurora
Vipasha Malhotra Meets Aurora: Indian musician, content creator and stand up comedian Vipasha Malhotra recently came up with the Hindi rendition of the popular song  Runaway by Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora. However, even in her wildest dreams she could not imagine that she would get to meet the singer and song writer in real life albeit virtually.

Malhotra shared the Hindi version of the song on May 22 on her Instagram and YouTube channel, the song became an instant hit with the netizens. In her post on Instagram Malhotra wrote,  “My Hindi Runaway blew up so much that Aurora @auroramusic had to come down from the heavens of Norway to see it for herself.”

You can here the song here:

Malhotra’s soulful rendition caught the attention of the singer and songwriter Aurora herself. She was recently seen in a video with Malhotra and claimed that the lyrics of the Hindi rendition have left her mesmerised. A video has now gone viral. Aurora is a Norwegian singer. She can be heard saying, “I love that you made the lyrics even more purposeful.”

You can see the two musicians here:

The above video which was uploaded on June 9th has garnered 1,170,573 views on YouTube. Malhotra who is an musician, stand-up comedian and writer has 64.1K followers on Instagram.

Aurora’s first track titled, Puppet was released in December 2012. This was followed Awakening in May 2013. The singer wrote Runaway when she was 11 and it was released in 2016. Earlier in an interview with Pinkvilla the singer said, “I was 11 when I wrote this song. It’s so strange to think about, it’s unbelievable. I never really dreamt of being an artist, it was never my plan. It happened by accident. I love to write in my room for myself and I found so much comfort in the music and that was enough. So when I wrote this song, I didn’t even think anyone would hear it.”

Picture Credit: Vipasha Malhotra/ Youtube