Vikram Vedha Trailer: Brutal Face-Off Between Saif Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan

vikram vedha trailer
The long-awaited trailer of the epic action thriller Vikram Vedha, starring Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan, was released today. The trailer teased an epic battle between Khan’s Vikram, a fair cop, and Roshan’s Vedha, a dreaded criminal.

Beginning with a voiceover by actor Vijay Raaz, the 2.50-minute video introduces viewers to the lives of Vikram and Vedha, two very different individuals who appear to have more in common than they will admit.

Vikram Vedha Trailer:

The first segment of the trailer shows Hrithik Roshan as the ruthless criminal Vedha, beating up several men by himself. He does it with the same attitude and a little blood as when he leaps over buildings and breaks people’s legs. Saif Ali Khan, who portrays the sincere-appearing cop Vikram, who professes to be one of the “good guys” in the trailer, receives about equal screen time. He enters the scene, kicking open doors and pursuing criminals before returning to kicking more doors.

Vikram Vedha trailer

The plot, however, takes an exciting turn when Vikram and Vedha eventually meet. Vikram is left with questions about what is good and wrong after meeting Vedha. The film is set in Uttar Pradesh, and the trailer follows the lives of the characters as they struggle with moral decisions, obligations, and the notion of standing up for law and order.
While the trailer does not give away much about the plot, it does show Radhika Apte, and she looks to be the story’s moral compass. She plays the role of Vikram’s wife and Vedha’s lawyer. Here is the trailer.

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The plot of Vikram Vedha centers on a police officer who is looking for a gangster. The situation changes when the gangster hands himself in, voluntarily and shares his background with the officer, challenging his beliefs about good and evil.

Pushkar Gaytri, who also directed the original Vikram Vedha, has remade the 2017 Tamil action film of the same name. R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi acted in the movie. In the Hindi version, Khan plays Madhavan’s part, and Roshan takes on Sethupathi’s role.

Gulshan Kumar, T-Series, and Reliance Entertainment are the producers of Vikram Vedha, which is also a production of YNOT Studios and is presented by these companies in collaboration with Jio Studios and Friday Filmworks.  On September 30, 2022, Vikram Vedha will be released on big screens worldwide.