From Kangana Ranaut To Alia Bhatt, Take A Look At Bollywood Actors Who Turned Vegan

Celebrities frequently start trends with their appearances, bodies, and ways of living. Moreover, celebrities all over the world are embracing the vegan diet for its many health and environmental benefits

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Vegan Bollywood Actors
Over the past few years, the idea of veganism has gained a lot of popularity, quickly rising to one of the top health trends. Many individuals believe that veganism and vegetarianism are the same. For those who are unaware, if you practise veganism, you must give up not just eating meat but also all products made from animals, such as dairy. Veganism is being promoted by those who claim that a plant-based diet is healthy and naturally suited for the human body.

Celebrities frequently start trends with their appearances, bodies, and ways of living. Moreover, celebrities all over the world are embracing the vegan diet for its many health benefits as well as, of course, on ethical and environmental grounds. Actors are arguably the most influential people when it comes to health and fitness since they are in good form and frequently show off their bodies. Hence, in Bollywood, there are many actors who follow a vegan diet, here we have compiled a list of female actors who are vegan.

Vegan Bollywood Actors:

Jacqueline Fernandez

One of the fittest actresses, Jacqueline Fernandez, constantly promotes eating natural, organic, and clean food. She became vegan because she loved animals and organic food. She no longer consumes any dairy products or meat in her diet. She remarked in one of the interviews that going vegan is the best thing one can do to stop animal suffering, protect the environment, and protect their own health. The actor is quite involved in promoting social concerns and lending support to NGOs that are making a difference.

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Kangana Ranaut


Kangana Ranaut has been a vegan for a very long time. For the uninitiated, she was a strict non-vegetarian before becoming vegetarian, then vegan. She had stated in an interview that she became a vegetarian after realising that consuming dairy products made her feel bloated and acidic. She had said, "I became a vegan as a result, and it significantly improved my life."  She also mentioned how the Indian ethos is firmly established in veganism as a way of life. She finds that vegan eating gives her both mental and emotional strength.

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Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, a native Punjabi, loved non-vegetarian meals, particularly seafood. She later turned to vegetarianism and then veganism as a result of her intolerance of dairy products, though, as she grew more concerned with her physical health. She stated in an interview, "Four years ago, I stopped consuming meat. As of right now, I no longer consume milk or items made from milk. "

Sonam Kapoor at Cannes 2016


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Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha is a former vegetarian who is now vegan. Since 2014, she has embraced veganism. She had previously said, "I can't bear to think of someone slitting a pig's heart, slicing a buffalo's throat, or stuffing hens into cages so small they can't even spread a wing, let alone suffer to ingest such misery."

She had stated, in another interview, "I wholeheartedly endorse changing to a vegan diet. Do good, be good, and look good. Here's hoping that we can all coexist peacefully on our planet, which we share not just with one another but also with all the other beautiful species. "

Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi Sinha has a deep love for animals, which is why she decided to become vegan. She is contributing to the cause of ending animal cruelty. The actor once claimed that going vegan sped up her metabolism.

Sonakshi Sinha

Esha Gupta

According to sources, Esha Gupta was raised as a vegetarian and then switched to veganism in 2015 for a healthier lifestyle. She thinks that if we protect animal lives and adopt a vegetarian diet, environmental problems can be resolved.

Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia switched to a vegan diet to help the environment and animals. She even assisted PETA in the introduction of their V-Card, the first vegan discount card ever issued in India. She stated, "I've realised that eating plant-based foods has many health benefits, including making me feel energised and helping me maintain a healthy weight."

Neha Dhupia Interesting Facts

Alia Bhatt

In 2020, Alia Bhatt apparently went vegan. It is no surprise that she is a vegan because everyone knows her affection for animals. Bhatt is reportedly a vegan Bollywood superstar who also started the animal welfare group CoExist, which promotes the well-being of stray animals in India. 

Heart Of Stone Alia Bhatt

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Mallika Sherawat

Long before it became popular in India, Mallika Sherawat was a vegan. The actor had previously stated, "If I had to choose the very best aspect of becoming vegan, it would be my clear conscience." In 2011, she was named PETA's "Hottest Vegan."


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