Urvashi Rautela And Rishabh Pant Trade Barbs On Social Media, All You Need To Know

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Actor Urvashi Rautela and cricketer Rishabh Pant have been trading barbs on social media. In 2018, there were rumours that the two were in a romantic relationship but it was never confirmed by either party.

The spat between Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant began after Rautela said in an interview that a person she identified as ‘RP’ waited for hours in a hotel lobby to meet her. Pant responded to the interview and wrote, “mera picha chorho behen (leave me alone sister)” and claimed that she was lying for popularity and fame.

The two continue to battle against each other via trading barbs on social media.

Urvashi Rautela Rishabh Pant Spat: 10 Things To Know

  • There were rumours that Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant were in a romantic relationship. They had met in Mumbai and caught the attention of the media who claimed that the two were dating. Neither of them confirmed that they were in a relationship.
  • In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Rautela said she was shooting in New Delhi when someone she identified as RP came to her hotel lobby as he wanted to meet her.
  • She claimed that he waited for hours and received 16 to 17 missed calls for him and decided to meet when they were both in Mumbai.
  • Rautela said they when they met in Mumbai they were surrounded by the paparazzi and “it became such big news”.
  • Pant responded to the interview and wrote on his Instagram story, “It’s funny how people lie in interviews just for some meager popularity and for hitting the headlines. Sad how some people are so thirsty for fame and name.”
  • He also wrote, “mera picha chorho behen” in his message.
  • Pant then deleted the post after a few hours.
  • Rautela responded to Pant via social media and called him “Chotu bhaiyaa (younger brother)” and told the cricketer to “play bat ball”.
  • The actor added that she wasn’t a naïve girl who would be defamed and wished him a happy Rakshabandhan.
  • Rautela ended her message by describing him as a “cougar hunter” and asked him to not take advantage of a “silent girl”.

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