Mumbai Police Condemns Uorfi Javed's Fake Arrest Publicity Stunt, Case Filed

Mumbai's Oshiwara Police has apprehended an individual for his role in fabricating a video featuring Uorfi Javed. The video depicted Uorfi being led away by two female “police officers" for donning a backless red top and jeans at a coffee shop

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CREDITS: Instagram @viralbhayani

Mumbai Police After Uorfi Javed's Publicity Stunt: 'Cheap Publicity' (Image: @viralbhayani).

Mumbai police on Friday booked social media influencer Uorfi Javed for maligning their image through a fake arrest video, an official said.


Uorfi Javed, a former actor and now a fashion influencer is known for her bold and unconventional fashion choices and is constantly surrounded by paps who are equally amazed by her eccentric fashion sense. On Friday, a video showed Javed during her routine morning coffee run when she was reportedly detained by individuals claiming to be police officers. Later, the model clarified the video was for a campaign shoot on her Instagram stories. 

Mumbai Police Condemn Uorfi Javed's Publicity Stunt

Javed made headlines on Friday after her arrest video went viral where two women police officers were seen arresting Javed for her "choice to wear". While many social media users called the news fake, many believed the scenario as well. 

However, later on Friday night, Mumbai police took to their Instagram to clarify the incident. Without specifying the name, the police shared a blurred image from the viral video in the post captioned "One can't violate the law of land for cheap publicity!"

Mumbai municipal police specified that the incident was "not true" and stated that "insignia and uniform misused." The police handle also informed that a case has been registered against people involved in the misleading viral video under IPC sections 171, 419, 500, and 34, while further investigation is underway. 

 “While further investigation is on, the fake inspector is under arrest & the vehicle has been seized too,” police added.


Watch Uorfi Javed Arrest Video:

Earlier on Friday a video shared by a paparazzi account was a hot topic of discussion amongst social media users as the video depicted Javed on her morning coffee run in Starbucks was ambushed by two uniformed lady police officers asking Javed to come along with them to "chouki" (police station). 

One of the police officers was also seen questioning Javed's fashion choices "Subah-subah itne chote kapde pehen kar kaun ghumta hai?" (who roams around early in the morning wearing such short clothes). To which Javed exclaimed "Meri Marzi" (My choice) as she was wearing a red backless corset top paired with pieces of two denim pants. 

Javed was then allegedly arrested and held by hands into a black SUV that notably had a blue police siren as well.


Netizens React:

As the video quickly went viral on the internet an Instagram user upset by Javed's arrest commented on the video wishing for Mumbai police to focus more on real crimes than what a girl chooses to wear. Another user added "Chote kapde pehen ne walo ko jail milti hai, izzat lootne walo ko bail" (people wearing shot clothes get jailed while honour robbers get bailed). 

Many users claimed the video to be fake and a publicity stunt as a user commented "Ab police wale bhi reel banane lage hai" (police personnel have started making reels now). Another commented the video is fake as the comment read "police ki awaz se hi samjh aa jata hai" (suggesting the police do not talk so softly). Another user added "Rohit Shetty ki police lagg rahi hai' (Police seems like from the film sets of Rohit Shetty). 

Uorfi Commented On The Incident:


After Mumbai Police issued their statement on the publicity stunt, Javed also took to her Instagram specifying that the video was shot for an ad campaign shoot for fashion brand CREDIT: Instagram story

Credits: Instagram story/@urf7i

Not The First Time:

However, this is not the first time the actor has landed in trouble for her bold fashion choices, according to an ETimes report, a complaint was filed against Javed last month at Bandra Police Station and Javed had also visited the police station concerning the complaint. 

Uorfi Javed also receives regular backlash on the internet for her bold fashion choices but the actor unapologetically owns her choices. 

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