Twitter Users Hilariously Turn A Wedding Announcement Into Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Twitter response to Wedding Announcement
Wedding Announcement Made Fun: Anything that happens on the internet has to be too outlandish to be termed ‘bizarre’ nowadays. A simple statement has the potential to go viral but we aren’t complaining since that’s where we get our hilarious memes.

So what happens when you make a major life update like a wedding announcement on social media? Well, you possibly expect friends and family members to flood the comment sections with congratulatory messages and blessings.

A woman took to Twitter to share the news of her wedding and received responses she can hardly gauge. “I can’t believe I betrayed y’all and married a m*n,” she announced.

On June 26, the new bride and Twitter user Khadija shared two photos from her nikah, celebrating the joyous occasion. Her wedding announcement picture initiated a good old game on the microblogging site.

One of those pictures showed her wedding ring and hennaed hands initiating a game of tic-tac-toe. The Mehendi design on her arm presumably made it difficult for the netizens to ignore. No sooner did they notice the pattern, they started to draw ‘x’ and ‘o’ and invited others too.

The newlywed who had no idea her picture would start this weird trend shared a few screenshots of people playing the game.

“can’t announce nothing on this app,” she wrote while reacting to the turn of events.

One of the micro-blogging site users also declared this as the “appropriate Twitter response”. “The only appropriate Twitter response,” the tweet read.

While others got engaged in the game, one of the users took a lesson from the incident and decided to never get that Mehendi pattern.

“never getting this patten or else I might end up playing tic tac toe with my partner,” she wrote.

In no time, the tweet garnered over 1.2 lakh likes along with people eagerly waiting to know who won the match.

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