Tejas Twitter Review: An Honest Tribute To Female Fighter Pilots

Kangana Ranaut starrer Tejas, an air-action film, is a tribute to India's fighter pilots. Here are a few first-day reviews and reactions from social media users who watched the film.

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Kangana Ranaut starrer Tejas is claimed to be India's first air-actioner film which is a tribute to Indian Air Force officers. Tejas is set in 2016 when the IAF made the historic decision to induct women into combat roles. The film also features Anshul Chauhan, Ashish Vidyarthi and Varun Mitra among others.  


Here are a few first-day reviews and reactions from social media users who watched the film.

Tejas Twitter Review

Kangana Ranaut who is the recipient of the Padma Shri Award and four National Awards for her work is once again hailed for her performance as a female fighter pilot. 

One X (Formerly Known as Twitter) user @urshwta says that Ranaut's top-notch acting is successfully capturing the bravery and determination of Tejas Gill. And calls the film showcasing the "indomitable spirit of a woman Air Force pilot."


Another X user, @KhabriBossLady commented on Ranaut's performance in the film, "You see Tejas, not Kangana Ranaut". One other user called out Ranaut's acting as the "most bizarre acting portrayal." 

As the film is based on the real-life events of an Indian Air Force fighter pilot, many appreciated the film as @RahulCh9290 wrote "tour de force" to the film and called Ranaut's performance "electrifying".

While @NishitShawHere gave a poor verdict to the film by not just calling out the film but also calling out the VFX, screenwriting, and dialogues. calling everything "lacklustre". 


While @KhabriLadyBoss appreciated VFX as being better than many high-budget films and called the film "just fitting the bill." Another user @TeraKabil posted a 2-minute clip review writing that the negativity around the film is coming from Bollywood gangs and Kangana haters and asks people to ignore that. 


Netizend also thanked the director of the film Sarwesh Mewara for making this film as users wrote Bollywood has found a "new gem". 

Other people have compared the film to Jhanavi Kapoor's Gunjan Saxena as a user wrote "Gunjan Saxena walked do that Tejas could fly high." While @hmmbly expressed that they are too afraid to say anything against the film as he criticises the film to be "best comedy film". 

Overall, the film has received positive reviews from X users. Many people have praised the film's realistic portrayal of the Indian Air Force, its thrilling action sequences, and the cast's powerful performances.

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