Broke Traditions To Let Me Stay Happy: Tahira Kashyap’s Heartfelt Note For Late Father-In-Law

Tahira Kashyap Note To Father In Law
Actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s father and notable astrologer P. Khurrana passed away on May 19 at 10.30 a.m. in Mohali after battling a prolonged incurable illness. Ayushmann’s brother and actor, Aparshakti Khurrana, released a statement confirming the news.

Following Ayushmann Khurrana’s emotional note to his late father, relishing beautiful memories of their times and thanking him for everything, his spouse, author-filmmaker Tahira Kashyap, penned down a heartfelt note to her late father-in-law, who loved and celebrated his feminist daughter-in-law.

Tahira Kashyap Note To Father In Law

Sharing montages of photos and videos on her Instagram handle, she shares how she initially met Ayushmann’s family with a lot of inhibitions. She shared his father’s warm welcome. Over the years, she wrote, their relationship grew, and she shared how he has left her with so many memories. In a voiceover, she said, “I have yet to meet a father-in-law who loved his feminist daughter-in-law.”

She went on to speak about how he never forced her to do any ritual, change her name, wear an extra something, stay at their home, or leave her parents behind. He always appreciated her ideologies and perspectives and was keen to know about her career, which was something that picked up her spirits whenever she felt low. She added that the best lesson he taught her was to live a wholesome, creative, and passionate life.

Kashyap captioned the video with another emotional message. She recalled the first time she went to their home, the first gift she had given him, the time she struggled to call him “papa,” and how she had then gotten so used to it. She wrote about how he never expected her to shift to their home after marriage, respected her family, broke all traditions, and let her be happy.

She shared how she was surprised to find that he kept the magazine that had her on the cover from several years ago like a treasure. She expressed how heartbroken she was that a hero like him wouldn’t be around the boy she loves the most. She ended the note by saying that she will perhaps never meet someone like him and that she will never forget his laughter.

Ayushmann Khurrana penned an emotional note on his Instagram handle. Sharing photos from his father’s funeral, he wrote how, for the first time, he felt that his father was very close yet very far from him. He shared how his father had told him to take care of his mother and always be with her. He ended the note by thanking his father for the way he brought him up. for his love, sense of humour, and the most beautiful memories.

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Image Credits: Screengrab from Tahira Kashyap via Instagram