5 Things To Know About Swara Bhasker Starrer Short Film Dobara Alvida

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Dobara Alvida is a short film that retraces the past using the present. The unique short film tells the tale of two lovers who are no longer on good terms finding their way to each other from a coincidental meeting.

Dobara Alvida is a short film that revolves around a simple but nostalgic cab ride shared between two estranged lovers. Directed by Shashank S. Singh who has been in the industry for over 10 years, the film shows us an interesting relation between the past and the present. The story gains momentum when the ex-lovers have a surprising encounter on a shared cab ride at night. The unplanned intertwining of their fate inside the cab makes them go through various experiences and emotions from the past together.

It deals with unlearning and relearning certain things which eventually leads the characters to a different place from where they started after the cab ride.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Dobara Alvida

  • Dobara Alvida stars actors Swara Bhasker, Gulshan Devaiah, and Swapnil Kotriwar.
  • Singer-songwriter and music producer KRSNA Solo produced the film’s music and is also the singer of the film’s official soundtrack.
  • The short film is produced by Shahbaz Khan of One Team Entertainment.
  • Director Sushant S. Singh is also the writer and co-producer. This is his first independent project as a filmmaker in the industry.
  • The short film was released on June 8 and can be streamed on two platforms. It can be watched on Prime Video and also streamed on Large Short Film’s YouTube channel. The movie is uploaded and included in the channel’s library titled “Original Short Films By India’s Finest Directors”.

Watch the short film here.