Who Was Suchandra Dasgupta? Bengali TV Actor Dies In Road Accident

Who Was Suchandra Dasgupta? Bengali TV Actor Dies In Road Accident
Actor Suchandra Dasgupta’s tragic demise in a road accident on Saturday night has shaken the Bengali television industry. Dasgupta passed away in a road accident while travelling to Panihati to meet her father.

29-year-old Dasgupta, who is well-known for portraying supporting roles on Bengali television, is said to have finished filming for a daily soap opera and got on a bike taxi that she had booked online. According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened while she was on a bike taxi in the Baranagar neighbourhood.

Reportedly, a bicycle suddenly emerged in front of the bike and the driver. She was thrown from the bike and onto the road after the driver suddenly applied the brakes to avoid hitting the bicyclist. The actor was then reportedly hit by a ten-wheeler truck coming from opposite directions. Even though the actor was shielded by a helmet, she died on the spot. Reportedly, her helmet reportedly broke into several pieces.

The actor passed away on the spot. She was rushed to the hospital right away, where she was declared dead. The police detained the truck driver, while the bike rider suffered just minor injuries after falling from the bike.

Who Was Suchandra Dasgupta?

The actor was reportedly 29 and lived in Sodpur, a locality in Panihati, West Bengal. Dasgupta appeared in several Bengali TV programmes on well-known Bengali entertainment channels.

Her most well-known parts, nevertheless, tend to be supporting ones. Her work in the well-liked series Gouri Elo is largely responsible for her notoriety. The news of Suchandra’s passing circulated quickly, leaving the whole Bengali television industry in a state of shock.

Dasgupta was immensely passionate about performing and has appeared as a supporting character in several serials, according to Suchandra’s husband, Debjyoti Sengupta. He claimed she had a childhood dream of becoming an actor.

After the tragedy, furious locals protested until the police showed up and brought the situation under control. The people wanted improved traffic enforcement on roads and highways.

Feature Image Credit: Times Of India

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