Stranger Things Season 4: Twitter Mourns Tragic Death Of Favourite Character

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Stranger Things season 4 finale left fans emotional and devastated as they saw the tragic end of their favourite characters in the epic close. The volume 2 of season four that consisted of two long episodes were released on July 1 on Netflix.

When fans got to know that the volume 2 of season four of Stranger Things will consist of only two episodes but of one and two hours length each, they expected they were in for some epic climax to the pen-ultimate season of the series. However, they did not guess it to be this devastating as to leave them crying over the death of some loved characters. The series stars Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp, David Harbour, gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard and others in pivotal roles and is based on a group of friends living in Hawkins that deal with supernatural forces from Upside Down, a monster harbouring alternate dimension.

Stranger things 4 Finale Review

Spoiler Alert!

By the end of the season 4 volume 2 of the show, Vecna caused much damage to Hawkins and our dear group of friends. One of the first subjects of the experiments at the Hawkins National Laboratory, Eleven sent Henry Creel to Upside Down where he became Vecna and came back to take revenge and managed to do so as he killed two of the precious characters of the show. The Hellfire Club leader and electric guitar player Eddie Munson and Max whose powers were very recently disclosed. The episode nine of the series is being talked about on the internet for its tragic ending.

The exceptional acting and the carefully curated scenes made the emotions that the characters felt flow through the screens to the audience and they poured their heart out on Twitter. One user mourned eddie’s death and wrote, “It’s all Jason’s fault that Hawkins believed that Eddie was the murderer when in fact… HE IS THE HERO. #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings” Another user cursed Hawkins for hating on Eddie as they wrote, “hawkins can rot they didnt deserve eddie’s sacrifice #StrangerThings”

The Twitter is full of crying and sad memes and reaction from users. In episode nine, Vecna cracked Max Mayfield’s bones and gouged her eyes, leaving her dying in the arms of Lucas. Remembering the horrifying and emotional scene, one user wrote, “When max said she wasn’t ready to die in Lucas’s ARMS #strangerthings” Another user had a piece of advice for audience that might come handy in season five as they wrote, “New rule: get attached to NO ONE in season 5, cause these damn writers give us the best characters then take them away in the SAME GOD DAMN SEASON #StrangerThings”

Another user summed up the season as, “Max literally had me sitting at the edge of my seat in episode 9. I’ve never felt so much fear and suspense for a scene before, and Sadie’s performance was amazing throughout the episode. Also, the entire season. #StrangerThings” Surely the season four had a huge impact on viewers as they got the unexpected which only raises their hopes for the fifth and final season of the series. The expectations are that they should be ready for more tragic goodbyes as nothing can be predicted.

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