Sonam Kapoor On Hijab Row, Asks Turban A Choice So Why Not Hijab

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The issue of choice was raised by Sonam Kapoor on hijab row as she question why wearing the turban is justified but wearing a hijab is not. The Udupi Hijab Row is garnering the attention of people worldwide including celebrities like the Veere Di Wedding actor.

Karnataka’s student’s protests regarding Muslim students wearing hijab in schools and colleges have not been resolved yet. From public demonstrations to petitions in High Court, the students are trying to reach out to the authorities demanding justice. The issue that started from a college in Karnataka’s Udupi has caught the attention of people around the world. Recently Malala Yousafzai also condemned the act of not allowing students in school to wear hijab. Now actor Sonam Kapoor has also expressed her take on the controversy.

Sonam Kapoor On Hijab Row

Sonam Kapoor shared a photo on her Instagram account which has two pictures, one of a turban wearing man and another of a hijab wearing woman and it questioned the choice to wear anything you want. The gist of the picture was that if turban is a choice then why is hijab not a choice as well. The picture referred to the Udupi hijab row where students are not allowed to wear hijabs in schools and colleges.

On February 10, lyricist Javed Akhtar also talked about the hijab protest going on in Karnataka and shared a tweet saying, “I have never been in favour of Hijab or Burqa. I still stand by that but at the same time, I have nothing but deep contempt for these mobs of hooligans who are trying to intimidate a small group of girls and that too unsuccessfully. Is this their idea of ‘MANLINESS’. What a pity,”

Meanwhile, students’ petitions were heard a few days back in Karnataka HC but the court transferred it to a higher bench. In order to maintain the peace of public and avoid any unwanted commotion, the government had earlier closed schools and colleges in Karnataka and also banned protests.

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