Salma Hayek And Other Actors Who Spoke About Doing Sex Scenes In Films

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Salma Hayek sex scene: The need for on-screen characters to show physical intimacy is sometimes the demand of the script.

Other times its is just the whim of the filmmakers and it has caused major discomfort to actors. Especially female actors, who have spoken up about it.

Recently Salma Hayek opened up crying the entire time while filming an uncomfortable sex scene in her breakout film Desperado in 1995. She said that even though the director, producer and her co-star were ” amazing”, supportive and “never put pressure on her, she felt embarrassed while doing the scene and refused to let go of the towel she was covering herself with.

Here is what actors have said about doing sex scenes in films:

Kate Winslet

While talking about the recent development on film sets which have intimacy coordinators to help with sex scenes, Winslet said that she wishes she had someone to do that when she was doing some “awkward” intimate scenes in her old movies. She said, ” I just could have done with that friend really. Just having a friend to say, ‘Can you ask him just to not put his hands there?’ So it’s not you having to say, which can be pretty awkward.”

Keira Knightley

When Keira Knightley became a mother, she decided to put a no-nudity clause in her contracts. She said that most of the times, intimate scenes do not make her feel comfortable as they are there for the male gaze. Although, she said that she might agree to such scenes if there is a female director behind the camera.

Salma Hayek

Talking about her film Desperado, Hayek said that she had a really hard time while filming the sex scene which was not even mentioned in the film script. The studio bankrolling the film had asked for it as they saw the chemistry between Hayek and her male co-star. Hayek has shared that she was crying the entire time and thought about her family.

Michelle Williams

Williams has talked at length about the intimate scenes she did with Ryan Gosling in their film Blue Valentine, she called them toxic.  The actor said that she and her male co-stars had stopped addressing each other with their real names and that she needed an escape after doing those which she said, ” took forever”.

Cloe Savigny

Actor Chloe Savigny was quoted saying, “When it comes to sex scenes, I’m not comfortable doing them — I don’t think anyone ever is comfortable doing those kinds of scenes.”