Rupali Ganguly’s Acting Journey From A Supporting Character To Television’s Favourite

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Actor Rupali Ganguly is currently making waves as the protagonist of a popular television drama Anupamaa. The female lead is a divorced woman soon to become a grandmother. She recently got engaged to her former college friend and now boyfriend Anuj Kappadia.

Ganguly celebrates her birthday on April 5, this year her birthday was trending all over. Her co-star Gaurav Khanna who plays the role of Anuj Kappadia in the television drama wished her well through an Instagram post. He posted a picture of them together and gave his compliments. The post quickly became viral on social media and fans flocked to like and comment on the post.

Rupali Ganguly birthday special: The actor’s journey through years

The 45-year-old actor started her acting career as a child. Her first role was in her father’s film Saaheb in 1985. Her next few films were not well received by the audience. Ganguly only started to gain fame when she was seen in an Indian medical drama named Sanjivni. Ganguly played the supporting role of a medical intern. Then she took on the role of now fan favourite Monisha Sarabhai in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai in 2004. Ganguly’s Monisha got so famous that it is still one of the memorable characters on Indian television. Spreading her wings and taking advantage of her early popularity, Ganguly bagged a significant role in a drama called Baa Bahu Aur baby (2005). She did shows titled, Bidaai, very popular one Ek Packet Umeed, Apki Antara, Adaalat.

During this time, she also participated in reality shows like Bigg Boss, Khatro K Khiladi and Kitchen Champion. After the span of six years, Ganguly was again seen in national television in a drama titled Parvarrish in 2011. She played the role of a mother. The show established itself among Indian mothers in a unique way, it was a show about raising children in cities.

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Ganguly used to show up at the end of many Parvarrish episodes to talk about what mothers can do solve conflict between them and their children. Children, parents, grandparents all watched the drama together. Ganguly then gave birth to her son in 2015 and was away from the acting. She made her comeback after seven years in the famous television drama, Anupamaa. Through these years, Ganguly has often given credit to her husband for her successful career.

The character of Anupamaa speaks to many Indian women fans of the show as she displays vulnerability with a strong might to fight for her freedom. She marries a man named Vanraj and gets no love from him in return. She manages Vanraj’s household while taking care of his parents and her children. Vanraj cheats on her and finally the couple divorce. Anupamaa then steps out of the house to work. She finds love after meeting Anuj Kappadia, a college friend she had forgotten, and they two decide to marry. Since Anupamaa still has to be fulfill the expectations of her family, she is facing troubles in marrying Anuj. As the show slowly progresses, fans are eager to know if and when Anupamaa and Anuj will get married.