Raj Kundra Case: Gehana Vasisth Says Poonam Pandey ‘Taking Advantage Of Situation’

Raj Kundra Hotshots case
Raj Kundra Hotshots case: As more and more people come out to share their past experiences with businessman Raj Kundra and his associates the controversy surrounding his arrest continues to get murkier. Recently, actor Poonam Pandey recently shared how she was threatened by the company and forced to sign a contract with the alleged firm. She went on to claim that when she tried to terminate her contract, her private phone number was shared on the “Hotshots” platform. Now, dismissing Pandey’s allegations, actor-model Gehana Vasisth, who was also arrested by Mumbai Crime Branch in February in the same case, said the actor just wants to take “advantage of the situation”.

Gandii Baat actor Vasisth said that in the year 2011, Pandey had openly made a controversial statement that she will strip if India manages to win the World Cup that year. “How can these people say that Raj has put them in the adult industry? They used to make such videos even before Raj launched his company,” she asked. Vasisth also said that while Pandey claimed that she was not longer associated with Kundra she still made “MMS videos where she shows her private parts”, asking, “Does Raj tell her to do all this?” According to Vasisth, everyone is trying to take advantage of Raj Kundra’s situation. Read all about Gehana Vasisth here.

In 2019, Pandey had filed a case of fraud and theft against Kundra, who is married to actor Shilpa Shetty, and his associates for illegally using her videos, even after their contract had ended.

Who is Gehna Vasisth?

Actor Vandana Ravindra Tiwari, popularly known as Gehana Vasisth is out on bail after spending five months in jail in the same case. Vasisth however said she was framed in the case. When asked about the allegations of acting in pornographic movies published on HotShots, a mobile application reportedly owned by Kundra, she said, “There was no pornography in those videos.” Vasisth admitted to having worked with Raj Kundra and Umesh Kamat, who is also being associated with the case, but claimed that they never made “obscene videos”. Follow latest updates of the case here.

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