9 Queer Coming Of Age Shows That Aptly Represent The Turmoil Of Young Hearts

queer coming of age shows
Queer coming of age shows represent the dilemmas and struggles of the youngsters of the community to fit in the society. From exploring their self to facing judgement, these are more than just teen romances.

The cinema is the mirror of the society and what is worth it if it cannot cover the stories of all communities. There are movies and shows that have given the queer community a voice and a face in the form these iconic TV show characters that are young and curious about themselves and their heart. It is a very practical approach to the otherwise heterosexual fairy-tales that don’t feel the need to mention such characters. Hence, admiring the apt and appropriate representation of queers, here are some coming of age shows worth watching.

9 Queer Coming Of Age Shows

Young Royals

Royalty is enough a burden on young royals to behave appropriately and to maintain a sense of dignity and discipline. These exhausting expectations become even worse when you are a queer royal. Following a similar story, we see Edvin Ryding playing a royal in a new high school where he explores his sexuality and interests after meeting Simon, played by Omar Rudberg, under the constant watch of his nagging cousin.

I am Not Okay With This

Having superpowers is enough chaotic and if you have queer dilemmas to deal with on top of that, it can be exhausting at times. Sydney Novak is one such different 17-year-old with telekinetic superpowers. She also has to deal with her crush on her best friend Dina and get a hold of her feelings as she fears she might lose her friend. Watch Sydney’s struggle with her powers and emotions as she goes through her high school life.

Everything Sucks!

Netflix’s Everything Sucks! is a coming of age show set in 1996 featuring a group of teenagers in Boring High School, Oregon. Despite the obvious name, the show has many interesting elements to it including the A/V club making a movie while they all set to discover their mental health and sexualities and come to terms with the growing up process.


Starring Zendaya, Jacob Ellordi, Sydney Sweeney and Hunter Schafer in pivotal roles, this coming of age series features the struggle of a bunch of high school students as they try to find their identity while dealing with internal and external monsters. All the while, they deal with conflicting emotions, their sexuality, drugs, family, friendship and mental health. Zendaya plays a teenager drug addict who gets into a turbulent relationship with a transgender student who is new to town.

Love, Victor

Hulu’s Love, Victor is all ready to premiere its third and final season on June 15, 2022. The show follows the life of Victor Salazar, a new student of Creekwood High School who struggles with his identity and sexuality as he enters his high school life. He has a crush on the basketball player Benji who is gay but cannot realise it and gets in a relationship with Mia. Although it was hurtful, it helped Victor discover that he is actually gay after which starts a series of emotional and identity conflicts.

Sex Education

Otis Milburn might not have much experience when it comes to sex and relationships but being the son of a sex therapist, he has enough education about sex which is an openly discussed topic at home. Although socially awkward, he sets up a sexual clinic to help his high school friends who struggle with their sexuality and identity crisis.


Starring Keir Gilchrist as Sam, a high school student with autism spectrum disorder, who decides that he is now ready for a romantic relationship and sets out to explore the world of love. The show features Brigetter Lundy-Paine as his protective sister Casey who is not aware that she is bisexual but her crush on her classmate Izzie helps her discover her interests and feelings.


This coming of age drama features the life of Emily Dickinson in the 19th century era who aspires to be a poet. However, the society doesn’t like opinionated women and thus condemns Emily’s artists pursuits. This sets her on a rebellious journey against the society to get her voice heard while she goes against society’s norms about sexuality, gender and her same-sex relationship with her best friend Sue.

It’s A Sin

Starring Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas, Callum Scott Howells and Lydia West in pivotal roles, the series is set in 1980’s London which was going through AIDS crisis. A group of friends move to London in the hope of living an independent and free life exploring their sexuality without being judged for it but have a deadly virus that they have to deal with along the way.

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