Pooja Bhatt On Alcoholism: Women Need To Be More Open About The Issue

In a recent interview, Pooja Bhatt opens up about her fight against alcoholism and how she dealt with the after-effects of her divorce.

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Pooja Bhatt On Alcoholism: Bold and brusque Pooja Bhatt has never shied away from controversial topics – be it her marriage, alcoholism, or political issues of national importance. The national award-winning actor has been an inspiration to many women nationwide as she continues to march to her own tune.

In a recent interview, Pooja Bhatt spoke up about her fight against alcoholism and how she tried to conceal the flaws in her youth. However, when she decided to quit four years ago, Bhatt felt the need to be open about it. 

Bhatt shared that it is ironic that her first film Daddy chronicled the life of a young girl trying to bring her estranged father out of alcoholism when in reality, she was suffering through the same problem. During her path to attain sobriety, she made a point to reach out to people explaining that it is a common problem among many, no matter their socio-economic status. 

Bhatt believes that women, in particular, need to be a little more forthright about it. “I was overwhelmed by the reactions that I got from random strangers,” added Bhatt. The Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin actor also spoke candidly about her divorce and the repercussions the issue has on a woman. 

“No matter what we (women) accomplish in the world, a lot of us come home and our achievements are reduced to statements like  haan, theek hai na, tumne Nobel Prize jeet liya magar abhi khaane mein kya hai?’ (Good, you’ve won the Nobel Prize but what’s for dinner?),” says Bhatt. 

Bhatt further talks about the numerous questions women are subjected to—are you a mother? If not, why? Are you Married? If not, why?. Bhatt shares her own experiences as she recalls that so many people asked her why she did not intend to remarry. Bhatt states that even though she has grown up believing in a happily ever after, a happy ending, her life is not incomplete because she chooses to live the way she wants to. 

On The Work Front 

Pooja Bhatt’s digital debut with Bombay Begums won her accolades from critics and audiences alike. Her character as Rani Irani broke stereotypes and addressed taboo topics ranging from second marriage, menopause, ageing, extra marital affair and sexual abuse. 

Pooja returned to acting in 2020 with Sadak 2, a sequel to the 1991 blockbuster film Sadak. With this film, she along with her father Mahesh Bhatt returned to the film industry after a 20-year hiatus.

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