Phoebe Bridgers Kicks Off Spotify Singles Series Saluting Grammy Nominees

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Phoebe Bridgers Grammy awards: At Spotify’s behest, five of the artists that are competing for Best New Artist for the Grammy Awards will cover songs by other artist’s and revisit their own material.

Phoebe Bridgers and Chika are the two artists who will be debuting two new recordings to start off the series.

Artists taking part in the Spotify Singles rollout for the coming days will be doing a pair of songs per artist. Each artist will re-record one of their songs and also cover a song sung by a previous best new artist nominee.

Phoebe Bridgers covered John Prine’s “Summer’s End” with Maria Taylor as a backup. Bridgers also re-recorded her song “Kyoto” with Jackson Browne on backing vocals. Browne and Bridgers have teamed up before for “Christmas Song” in 2018. The song “Kyoto” is up for two Grammys, best rock song and best rock performance. Along with the nominations for “Kyoto” and best new artist, Bridges’ album “Punisher” was also nominated for best alternative music album. Bridgers’ had also taken part in the 2018 Spotify Singles series.

Chika joined Bridgers in recording two songs. She re-recorded a stripped-down version of her song “U Should” and also covered Billie Eilish’s song “My Future”. D Smoke, Noah Cyrus, and Ingrid Andress will also be participating in the Spotify Singles rollout throughout the remainder of the week.