What Are We Expecting From Panchayat New Season?

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Panchayat new season plot expectations saw a new turn as the trailer of the show was released on May 9, 2022. The show will soon be airing on Amazon Prime Video and fans are excited to know what will it be about.

Panchayat season 2 is back and so is the village Phulera and its people creating troubles for Abhishek Tripathi. The show started streaming on Amazon on April 3, 2020, and has since become a fan favourite.

The show is about an engineer who, after numerous failed attempts to find himself a suiting job, accepts an offer to become a panchayat secretary of a village in Uttar Pradesh. Being a city boy, adapting to the sedentary lifestyle of the village was difficult for him, not to mention he is still trying to figure out a better career that he is worthy of.

Panchayat New Season Plot Expectations

The trailer of the new season showed a new set of problems brewing in Phulera. While Abhishek tries his best to equip modern technology in the village, he faces pressure from Bhushan as he visits the panchayat office with his wife and threatens to kill himself if the village’s road was not constructed properly.

Meanwhile, we see Abhishek feeling left out as he gets to know that a friend of his just got a package of Rs. 1.5 crores. Amid all this we also see Rinky and Abhishek growing closer that might turn into something more.

The show is expected to focus on Bhushan and his political agendas to defame Pradhan Manju Devi and Pradhan pati Brij Bushan Dubey. He along with his wife will be seen confronting the Pradhan and Abhishek with their new tactics. Meanwhile a concerned Abhishek might also be seen focusing on his upcoming exam so as to land a better job opportunity. But it is also seen that he will be getting closer to the people of the village and the bond might be a deciding factor about his stay in the village.

Not to forget, apart from his new growing friendship with Pradhan, Vikas and others, there is also a chance of romance with Rinky.

All these expectations are what exciting the fans the most. Along with the trailer, the release date for the new season was also revealed. The show will be returning to Amazon Prime on May 20, 2022.

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