Need more men to come out and support women’s causes: Navya Naveli Shares Video

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Navya Naveli Nanda on women issues: Navya Naveli Nanda, granddaughter of actor duo Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan, has yet again spoken about gender equality and why men and women should both participate in it.

Inspired by the strong women in her family, Nanda is constantly working to change the landscape for women in India, especially through her recently launched Project Naveli.

Nanda, the founder of an online healthcare platform that works towards ensuring healthy and hygienic lives for women, recently took to Instagram to share the video where she wrote, “We can’t change the landscape for women if men aren’t a part of that journey & movement (sic).”

To bring that change, she mentioned, the stereotypes surrounding women need to be shattered. She is heard saying that younger boys get inspired watching “male role models” in the family, they learn from their uncle or father at home and how they speak to women at home or how they reinforce stereotypes. She said the men in the family “need to know they’re being watched by the younger generation” so that they can create a more balanced and empowered environment for them to be brought up in.

Navya Naveli Nanda on women issues

“We feel that it’s the woman’s responsibility to voice her issues or concerns and it’s always her job to stand up for herself, but it’s equally the man’s responsibility as well. And, I think we need more men to come out and support women’s causes and advocate for women,” admits the 23-year-old.

Nanda is an entrepreneur and has expressed her wish to join the family business, Escorts, away from the acting world. She also received support and much love from her mother Shweta who commented on the video saying, “Proud of you, baby,” while her close friend Shanaya Kapoor posted a heart emoji. Zoya Akhtar and Abhishek Bachchan also reacted to the video.

A graduate of New York’s Fordham University, Nanda is a vocal feminist and mental and physical health advocate. She believes in providing access to resources and opportunities to marginalised groups that will allow for economic and social empowerment. She has also been vocal about women empowerment on her social media accounts.

Feature Image Credit: news18.com