“Naatu Naatu” Lyricist Chandrabose’s Wife Suchitra Reaction On Oscar Nomination

Naatu Naatu Lyricist Wife
Suchitra, the spouse of Naatu Naatu lyricist Chandrabose, expressed gratitude and joy after Naatu Naatu was officially nominated for “best original song” at the Oscars.

Suchitra expressed her happiness while speaking with the ANI. She said, “All of us are really surprised about it. We are just crossing our fingers and wanting the entire success of the particular song.”

Naatu Naatu Lyricist Wife

“He is still in the running; just a little distance remains,” Suchitra said about her spouse Chandrabose’s feelings. We were overwhelmed when Keeravani Ji got the Golden Globe award. Tears rolled out of our eyes, and we were so happy that he got the award. And at the same time, it was Chandrabose’s lyrics. All these days, it was in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana; now RRR is making it worldwide. Earlier, his lyrics were famous all over India. Now everybody is singing this RRR song. We are so blessed.”

“I was expecting this to be a very big movie because earlier Pushpa’s song Oo Antava Mama went viral both nationally and internationally. So I expected Naatu Naatu to go viral as well, but I didn’t expect RRR to enter the Oscars,” she added.

Suchitra also said, “Being Chandrabose’s spouse, we are waiting with a lot of prayers that we should win.”

Speaking about the celebration, she said, “Our celebration is when others are winning. It’s a team effort, and whenever we receive an award, that’s the real festival for us. We are very happy and thankful to God.”

S.S. Rajamouli’s RRR officially entered the Oscar 2023 race on Tuesday evening. The song Naatu Naatu, composed by M.M. Keeravani with lyrics written by Chandrabose, is nominated in the Oscars under the “best original song” category.

Earlier this month, Naatu Naatu created history by winning the Golden Globes award for the category of “Best Original Song.” The song also won the Critics’ Choice Award under the same category. The film RRR was also awarded the critics’ choice award for best foreign language film.

If RRR wins the Oscars, it’ll be a historical, unforgettable, extraordinary, and proud win for the entire Indian film industry.

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