OnlyFans Model Mocked For Making This Embarrassing Blunder

Mikaela Testa
Mikaela Testa: A  social media star and OnlyFans celebrity Mikaela Testa was roasted for putting out social media post where she confused Australia’s capital.

20-year-old Mikaela Testa took a recent trip to Australia and decided to keep her followers updated on the trip. She said, “We’re flying to Sydney, the capital of Australia”. This was seen as a complete act of ignorance by Testa’s followers as they pointed to her that the capital of Australia is no Sydney but Canberra.

More than 600 people commented on her post and mocked her for not knowing the fact. What really made her followers make more fun of her is the fact Testa is a resident of Australia. One fan wrote, Imagine not knowing the capital of the country you live in”. Another person questioned if Testa even finished school.

The geographical blunder totally stole Testa’s thunder as she was proudly posting about her luxury stay and expensive shopping spree in Sydney. She became compelled to reply to the criticism.

Testa admitted that she “f**ked up” but gave her own explanation. She said, Canberra is the capital of Australia and I knew that, but what makes me think Sydney is the capital is because it’s the biggest”. She continued explaining as she said that “there is literally nothing in Canberra” apart from the parliament and the prime minister and that “no one cares” about it.

She hit back at her critics and accused them of taking advantage of her mistake. She later thanked her followers for correcting her and said, ” I look stupid now” but she added, ” I’m sure there’s a lot of people in this country who think the same thing”.