Masaba Masaba Launch Date And Sneak Peek: Here’s What You Should Know

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Masaba Masaba is all set to hit Netflix on 28th August. With two more days to go for the release of this show is the current talk of the pop-culture-town. Based on the fashion designer Masaba Gupta, the show will be presenting a semi-fictionalised account of her career and life. The show is directed and written by Sonam Nair and produced by Ashvini Yardi’s Viniyard Films. The best part about the show is that the characters of Masaba and her mother will be played by real-life Masaba Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta themselves. The show will also star Pooja Bedi, Rytasha Rathore, Neil Bhoopalam and Smaran Sahu in pivotal roles. Actress Kiara Advani and director Farah Khan will be making special appearances. Actor Satyadeep Misra, designer Masaba Gupta’s rumoured boyfriend, will also play a role in the show.

What We Know From The Trailer

The trailer has already given us a sneak-peek into Masaba Gupta’s lifestyle. She is a designer who runs her own fashion label. Hers seems like a relatable journey, as she is seen juggling her personal and professional life: where on one side her mother (Neena Gupta) is piqued that her daughter is not giving her enough time, and on the other side her work demands more and more of her attention. Throw in a romantic relationship, plagiarism fights, and the issue of delivering first copies in the fashion industry, the scenes shown in the trailer are replete with a whole lot of laughs and confusions.

We’ve been given glimpses of some hilarious moments, like when Masaba gets an order to make matching outfits for a customer’s pet dog, or when she is confronting a local salesman selling cheap knockoffs of her designs. And then there are some serious scenes when she seems to be facing her inner demons. In a nutshell, what we know from the trailer is that we will be seeing a strong and independent woman, who is ready to own her triumphs and defeats in equal measure.

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We Now Have A Song Too!

Netflix also came out with a fun promo song yesterday, where Neena Gupta shakes a leg to a peppy song titled Aunty Kisko Bola. It all begins with Mithila Palkar saying, “Just get out of the way, aunty,” which acts as a trigger. What follows is Neena Gupta schooling Palkar on calling her the A-word by showing how easily she can carry all kinds of styles alike—from heavy sarees to frilly skirts, from sundresses to office-blazers. Suffice to say, the resulting video is as vibrant as the Neena Gupta’s personality. And if Masaba Masaba is going to be anything like its trailer and teaser-songs, we absolutely cannot keep our calm till its release date!

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