Mandira Bedi Trolled Brutally For Husband’s Funeral, Women Colleagues Back Her

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Mandira Bedi funeral trolling: In the early hours of June 30, filmmaker Raj Kaushal passed away following a cardiac arrest in Mumbai. His wife, actor-anchor Mandira Bedi, actively partook in his final rites, leading the bier he lay on.

As photos from the funeral did rounds on social media, trolls began picking on Bedi for performing Kaushal’s last rites. Hindu traditionalists pointed out Bedi, being a woman, should not have been allowed to participate in funeral rituals. The 49-year-old was also criticised for her choice of clothes on the day, a simple white tee and denim jeans. Read an opinion here.

Several women colleagues of Bedi from the film and television industry have come forward on social media to defend her from the massive trolling she is being subjected to.

Mini Mathur, Sona Mohapatra And Others Criticise Mandira Bedi Funeral Trolling

Television presenter and actor Mini Mathur expressed it made her sick that “people are having a field day trolling a grieving woman for performing last rites…” Though netizens are offering various arguments for why women shouldn’t participate in funeral rituals, many have pointed out that ancient texts contain no such restrictions.

Singer Sona Mohapatra, who is vocal about women’s rights and issues, too hit out at Bedi’s trolls, writing, “Stupidity is more abundant than any other element in our world after all.”

Dancer Mukti Mohan, on Instagram stories, shared a photo of Bedi carrying the earthen pot and Kaushal’s bier, and wrote, “Women are half of humanity, half of humanity has remained undignified, uneducated, deprived of freedom, we’ve hampered and handicapped ourselves… and if we are in misery then who is to be blamed?”

Shweta Tiwari, television star, also wrote on Instagram, “@MandiraBedi we are with you and proud of you for expressing your love freely!

Many women too offered Bedi support on Twitter, lashing out at the outrage against her choices. Read some reactions here: