Main Sherni: New Song Featuring Vidya Balan And Other Powerful Women Released

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Three days before the movie’s release, the song ‘Main Sherni’ released on YouTube today. The Vidya Balan starrer film Sherni will be released worldwide on June 18 on Amazon Prime Video.

Main Sherni is a song that celebrates and empowers women. “Even in the dense jungle, a Sherni knows her way,” says the introduction of the song. It encourages the women who are real-life Shernis to keep doing what they love and keep being who they are.

The song Main Sherni  is sung by AKASA with Raftaar contributing to the iconic rap that celebrates women. The lyrics are written by Raghav and Utkarsh Dhotekar created the music. The music video and the song are produced by AM.AN. “The song is dedicated to all the women. You are resilient and remarkable. We honour your spirit!” states the caption of the music video.

“To all the Shernis out there… this one’s for you!” Balan tweeted as the song got released. The music video features Vidya Balan, the female lead of the film, along with different women. Mira Erda, F4 racer and the first woman on the international F4 podium, Natasha Noel who is a body-positivity influencer, social media influencer, and hula hoop dancer Eshna Kutty and Trinetra Haldar, a transgender doctor and content creator from Karnataka are featured in the song.

‘Main Sherni’ also shows women in different lights, working different jobs. Teachers, police, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and others were also shown to highlight the massive contribution women have been making in different sectors of society.

According to the trailer, actor Vidya Balan will be seen on screen as a forest police officer who is searching for a wild tigress. Away from the glam, Balan has to work among men who constantly belittle her because of her gender.

Meanwhile, check out this video song for Main Sherni here.

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