Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs Recovered Unharmed

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Lady Gaga dogs found: Singer Lady Gaga’s stolen French bulldogs have been recovered unharmed, according to the Los Angeles police department. The two dogs were stolen on Wednesday night by unknown thieves, who allegedly also shot Gaga’s dog walker.

As per LAPD, a woman bought the two dogs at the s Olympic Community Police Station around six in the evening on February 26. Lady Gaga’s representatives have confirmed that they were indeed the dogs that had been stoled from the singer.

The LAPD has clarified that the woman who brought Gaga’s dogs to the police station seemed “uninvolved and unassociated” to the robbery, reports Associated Press. There is no clarity as of yet on how did the woman end up finding the stolen dogs.

Lady Gaga, who is currently in Italy, is offering $500,000 for the return of her two stolen dogs, Koji and Gustav. She wrote in an Instagram post, “My heart is sick and I am praying my family will be whole again with an act of kindness. I will pay $500,000 for their safe return.”

On Wednesday, Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs were stolen when out in Hollywood with their walker Ryan Fischer. Fisher was reportedly shot by the unidentified thief, who then escaped with two of Gaga’s three pets.

The shooting incident took place before 10 pm, on Wednesday. “The male unknown suspect fired a gunshot from an unknown location striking the 30-year-old male white victim,” a statement from the LAPD said.

Fischer was shot four times. He is currently in a hospital in a serious condition. While two dogs were taken by the thief, a third managed to escape and was later retrieved. Praising her dog walker for Fisher, Gaga wrote in her Instagram post, “I continue to love you Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family. You’re forever a hero.”