'Hypocritical': Redditors Slammed Kusha Kapila For Photoshopping Photos

The users on the platform shared several pictures from her Instagram feed, claiming that Kapila photoshopped them. Redditors were confused about why she started to Photoshop her pictures on her social media.

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Body positivity has seen a significant rise in recent years, and influencers who advocate for body positivity and support inclusivity have played a crucial role in this movement. These influencers use their platforms to promote self-love, acceptance, and appreciation of all body types, encouraging people to embrace their unique beauty and worthiness. The messages of empowerment resonate with audiences, fostering a more accepting and inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and rejects harmful beauty standards.

Kusha Kapila, a well-known comedian, and actor, has become one of the most influential figures in promoting body positivity. Through her relatable and self-reflective jokes on size acceptance, she has offered solace to countless individuals dealing with body image issues, helping them feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Meanwhile, recently Redditors were confused about why Kapila started to Photoshop her pictures on her social media. The users on the platform shared a number of pictures from her Instagram feed, where it is quite visible that she photoshopped multiple pictures. 

Redditors On Kusha Kapila For Photoshopping Photos

One of the pictures shared by the users is from the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre's (NMACC) inaugural event. A user pointed out that Kusha Kapila appeared to have photoshopped her waist to make it look slimmer. This observation was also made in several other photos, including ones from Cannes 2023. The Photoshop editing was quite apparent, as the textured background seemed to disappear around the slimmed-down waist, and sometimes the area around the waist appeared blurred.

Additionally, another user shared a comparison between pictures Kapila posted from the IIFA award in Abu Dhabi, where her waist seemed altered, and a screenshot from the event's clip, where her actual waist size was visible.

Body Positive Kusha Kapila Photoshopping Her Photos.

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One user dropped a comment saying, "The image is literally edited to reduce her "width" and make her body more hourglass-shaped." Another user left a long note, "I think all influencers are hypocritical, and I also empathise with the pressure that comes with being witnessed by a large audience. But it’s unfair how much of the body-positive space is occupied by midsize women, skinny women with the occasional bloat, and women who are larger but have hourglass bodies and model faces. Kusha is already claiming that tag and often talks about feeling insecure, so editing her images is just so hypocritical. It’s also a little sinister because she doesn’t outright make herself skinny; she just edits her body into an hourglass, which further fuels this narrative that plus-size women can only be attractive or presentable if they have a specific body type."

In the pursuit of looking perfect, celebrities meticulously curate their social media presence, including their hair, makeup, outfits, and even expression. This often involves photoshopping pictures to meet society's unrealistic beauty standards. However, Kusha Kapila's advocacy for body positivity creates a sense of hypocrisy in such instances. Though influencers have a lot to do, there are brands' expectations that they need to meet, but meeting them on the terms of contradicting the very messages they are sharing causes their audience to question the authenticity of their intentions.

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