Kimberly Guilfoyle Trolled As 'Stripper' As Old Video Goes Viral

Former Fox News host and advisor to Donald Trump Kimberly Guilfoyle trolled as old video of her dancing goes viral amidst CPAC convention.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle
Kimberly Guilfoyle: Former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle became a subject to trolling on Twitter after her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) convention on February 26, 2021 in Orlando, Florida.

The jokes at her expense were not about her speech, they were in fact about an old video where she can be seen breaking into dance while making an entrance.

Guilfoyle was an advisor to former president Donald Trump and is currently dating Donald Trump Jr. Her impromptu dance was dubbed as a ‘stripper routine’ and while the video was from an old stage event, many believed that it was from the CPAC convention. Users shared the video with the caption ‘CPAC’ and it went viral.

The old video of Guilfoyle is actually from the Turning Point USA Convention which was held on December 19, 2020 at West Palm Beach, Florida. Users on Twitter asked whether Guilfoyle was ‘giving free lap dances at CPAC’. Actress Patricia Arquette pointed out on Twitter that the video was an old one. Other Twitter users joined to support Arquette’s claim, stating that ‘I don’t think this is from today.’

Kimberly Guilfoyle was accused of allegedly stripping and showing photographs of men’s genitalia in a sexual harassment complaint filed by her former assistant at Fox News. Politico has reported that at one fundraiser she reportedly offered the donor who gave the most money a lap dance. There is a chance that the jokes about Goilfoyle being called a stripper is due to these allegations.

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