Twitter Floods With Memes As Karan Johar Deactivates Account

karan johar quits twitter memes
Filmmaker Karan Johar announced with a short post that he will be deactivating his Twitter account. Karan Johar, though famous, has recently been the target of the audience’s negativity and soon after the announcement, Twitter reacted with a meme fest.

Social media has grown to become more and more toxic. Though there are positive instances, they are occasional while the negativity remains constant. Its been a long time since social media users started targetting Bollywood celebrities like star kids, especially the names associated with actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case in 2020. Karan Johar was one of them and has become the subject of a lot of harsh comments and posts on social media. Recently, he decided to finally distance himself from social media and started this by deactivating his Twitter account.

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Karan Johar Quits Twitter Memes

On October 10, Karan Johar made his last Tweet that read, “Making space for more energies only and this is step one towards that. Goodbye Twitter!” Soon after he deactivated his account, memes started being shared on Twitter as some people called his exit well-deserved while others found it disheartening.

A user shared an Uday Shetty meme from the movie Welcome to show that for the public, his Twitter exit is good riddance. When Sonakshi Sinha quit Twitter in 2020, users shared Manoj Bajpayee’s ‘Dekh……Dekh Na‘ memes from Gangs Of Wassepypur tagging Karan Johar and advised him to quit too. A Twitter user shared a picture of Sushant Singh Rajput kicking a ball and Karan Johar’s last Tweet side-by-side and wrote, “Good riddance! #KaranJohar Your existence and influence are toxic Karma will not spare you for what you did to @itsSSR”.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Caught in #depression after #BoycottbollywoodForever trend.. #KaranJohar quits Twitter space Le Karan be like:-” and posted a PK meme showing Aamir Khan leaving with his baggage with the caption, “Ee Gola Ma Ab Nahi Rehna“.

A Twitter user wrote, “With fake PR and propaganda, you make Twitter a negative space. Then quit by saying, “I want positive energy…” Hypocrisy at level best! #karanjohar”. Another one wrote, “Karan Johar’s movies are crap. People watched it for lack of alternatives. There was also no medium to let him know his films are crap. Things have changed now. For a man used to fawning sycophants Twitter is a beast. He quit.”

Prior to Karan Johar, actors Sonakshi Sinha and Aamir Khan also left Twitter because of toxicity. Karan Johar is alleged of being biased towards the star kids and promote nepotism. People also believe he demeaned and mentally tortured Sushant Singh Rajput leading him to depression. His exit comes after being heavily trolled and criticised for every move and even receiving death threats and online abuse.