Kamaal R. Khan Arrested: 5 Times He Picked A Fight With Bollywood Actors

Kamaal R. Khan Arrested
Kamaal R. Khan frequently gets into controversy because of his tweets and direct jabs against Bollywood. The actor-critic, also known as KRK, was detained by Malad Police as a result of a contentious tweet he posted in 2020.

KRK was taken into custody in response to a complaint being filed against him in 2020 for his social media attacks on Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. Rahul Kanal, the leader of the Yuva Sena, filed a complaint alleging that KRK’s tweets about the late actors Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor propagated “hate” on April 30, 2020. In his complaint, Rahul Kanal claimed that KRK was frequently fueling hatred on social media.  At 11 p.m. on August 30, he will be presented in court in Borivali. He was taken into custody for violating IPC Sections 153A, 294, 500, 501, 505, 67, and 98.

Kamaal R. Khan is renowned for his controversial tweets, and it’s likely that he does this to get media attention. Although, Khan tweets harsh remarks about everything, he has also attacked a number of well-known female actors and attempted to pick fights with them.

Kamaal R. Khan Arrested, Five Times He Picked A Fight With Bollywood Actors:

– Taapsee Pannu

A few weeks ago, KRK tweeted that Taapsee Pannu’s Dobaaraa wasn’t getting many viewers at the theatres. “Biggest actress of Bollywood @taapsee film #Dobaaraa released i86n 215 screens today. And all the morning shows are cancelled because of no audience. Hahaha.” One of his tweets read, “Huge Congratulations to @taapsee for giving 7 disasters in a row. She has proved that she is No.1 Bollywood actress from bottom.”

Hansal Mehta took screenshots of Khan’s tweet and wrote, ” #Dobaaraa has done 72 lacs from 370 screens. Which is more than decent. It is these self-proclaimed experts/critics who are part of the malaise affecting us. The industry created these monsters by sucking up to them, paying them and now getting kicked in the back by them,”

Then Pannu responded, “Sir, no matter how many times you repeat a lie, it will never become true. And these individuals, who are important solely as a result of the movies, are just out to harm the business. Think about how stupid they are. They find Dobaaraa a little challenging to understand, and who can blame them?”

Anushka Sharma

-Following India’s heartbreaking loss to Australia in the Cricket World Cup semifinals, many cricket supporters throughout the nation were spotted criticising Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma for attending the game in Australia. And actor Kamaal Rashid Khan of Deshdrohi fame, who was closely watching the series, had cited Sharma as the primary cause of India’s defeat. KRK posted a series of angry posts on Twitter in opposition to the actor.

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Lisa Haydon

-He once made a filthy remark on a photo of Lisa Haydon. Haydon posted a picture hanging from a basketball basket and wrote, “Been working on this dunk thing for a while…”  KRK tweeted a really weak response to this, “Yar @Haydon Lisa, should I sit down n watch you?” Haydon replied by tweeting, “Ive been told it doesn’t get much lower than you @kamaalrkhan Still need a chair? #LowLife”

KRK then replied by tweeting, “What the fuck @HaydonLisa You are asking ppl to watch you when you are hanging up somewhere. So I just asked whether I can sit n watch you. N one more thing @HaydonLisa just count your followers n my followers n you will know tat how big star I am. So talk to me with respect. And Pls tell me @HaydonLisa did you post tat photograph so tat people will start doing your Pooja n Aarti after seeing tat?”

Sonakshi Sinha

– Khan tweeted about Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif, and Deepika Padukone, among other actors, and their buttocks. A verbal battle between Sinha and KRK then began. Sinha said on Twitter, “Please RT this if you believe that @kamaalrkhan is a disrespectful waste of space who deserves to be hung upside down and given four tight slaps.”

In response to the same KRK post, “I really apologise, @sonakshisinha Ji, if you perceived it in a disrespectful manner. The survey to determine the sexiest actress in Bollywood is all that it is. You @sonakshisinha are eliminated from the competition because you believe that this survey is disrespectful to women. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Sunny Leone

– Sunny Leone filed an FIR against KRK in 2013. The former adult star bravely took action and filed an FIR against KRK at the Versova police station after being repeatedly harassed by him. According to a report in IANS, she stated in a statement that the false accusations made against her by Khan and the cheap and demeaning jokes he frequently posts on his Twitter account in her name have left her emotionally and mentally very disturbed.