Kajal Aggarwal Opens Up About Suffering From Asthma

Kajal Aggarwal Inspirational Note
Kajal Aggarwal asthma: Actor Kajal Aggarwal Kitchlu took to Instagram on Tuesday and revealed that she suffers from asthma. 

The actor shared that she was diagnosed with the bronchial disease when she was only five years old. The actor further wrote about her constant struggle with asthma and about facing stigma for using inhalers.  

Her Instagram aimed at spreading awareness about asthma. Aggarwal wrote, “At the age of five, I was diagnosed with bronchial Asthma, the first thing I remember was having major dietary restrictions. Imagine a kid who had to steer clear of dairy and chocolate.” She said that it didn’t get easier for her when she got older. She shared that her symptoms flared up every time she travelled. The actor also wrote about the effect of dust, which she said is prevalent in India, on her condition.  

She added that to deal with all that, she started using inhalers. Aggarwal opened up about facing “judgemental look” by people. She further talked about the stigma around inhalers and people feel ashamed to use it. 
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to using an inhaler, privately or publicly,” she added.

According to the data released by WHO in 2016, about 20 million Indians of the total 235 million people worldwide are affected by asthma. The percentage of reported cases of asthma among women of the age group 15 to 49 years is 2% and 1% among younger women.  As per the International Study of Asthma and Allergies, about 6% of children in India suffer from asthma. 

Kajal Aggarwal was last seen in a Telugu film named Sita. She going to star in  Masagallu, Mumbai Saga and Indian 2 next. 

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