Kabir Singh Fame Vanita Kharat Boldly Poses For Body Positivity

Vanita Kharat

Actor Vanita Kharat played the role of Kabir Singh’s house-help in the eponymous romantic-drama. She is well-remembered for her famous ‘funny’ scene with Kabir Singh in the movie. In that scene, Kabir Singh chases her out of his house, which garnered mixed responses from the audience. However, the scene became a source of memes on social media.

This time, Vanita received immense praise from the netizens for her endeavour to promote body positivity. The talented actor posted a picture of her photo-shoot on Instagram four days back, posing nude for advocacy of body positivity and inclusivity.

She captioned, “I am proud of my talent, my passion, my confidence, I am proud of my body…because I am ME…!!!”

In the photo, she posed nude and held a blue kite in front of her body, adding aesthetics to the beauty of body positivity and liberation. The post received more than 18K likes and many positive comments from her friends and other Instagram users.

More about Vanita Kharat

Vanita Kharat is also a known name in the Marathi entertainment industry. She is also a model and theatre artist and has performed in a number of plays. Vanita has worked in regional projects such as Vicky Velingkar and the reality show Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra.

Her rise to fame in mainstream entertainment was with the role of Kabir Singh’s house-help in the movie of the same name. The protagonist Kabir chases her out of his house in a fit of rage when she accidentally broke a glass.

That scene gave way to a huge number of memes on social media. Many people found the scene funny, whereas others found it misogynistic and ridiculous. Her character Pushpa, who appeared for a brief time was shown to be fed up of the protagonist’s attitude and lifestyle after his break-up.

Furthermore, Vanita is active on social media. She has around 24.9K followers on Instagram and collaborates with various brands, hence also becoming a rising social-media influencer.

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