Planning To Go Theatres? Here Is List Of July First Week Theatre Releases

Are you wondering after so many OTT releases what to watch in theatres this week? Well here are some interesting releases that are definitely a big-screen experience worthy!

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July first week theatre releases

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Last week has been a dull entertainment weekend for the audience with fewer releases. However, this week seems pretty exciting with multiple releases. In this hype, let's go through the films that look promising and may serve the entertainment needs of viewers. 


July First Week Theatre Releases:

From Hollywood to Tollywood here are some most intriguing movies you can experience in your nearby theatres slated to be released in the coming week of July. Check them out!

1. Insidious: The Red Door:

Horrors are one of the best experiences in theatres. And Insidious is one of the most popular horror films among horror genre lovers. We cannot afford to miss the final installment of the series. Especially when it is a sequel to the first and second chapters of the Insidious series. The movie is directed by The Conjuring star Pattrick Wilson. This time the son Dalton will encounter the demons of his past again. He was possessed and was told to have gone into a coma. With no memories of his horrific past how Dalton will fight his past demons especially when it is coming for them all? Will this be the end? Find out on the 7th of July in theatres.

2. Neeyat:

Neeyat will mark Vidya Balan's theatre comeback after four years of gap. She was last seen in theatres in the film Mission Mangal while had given some critically acclaimed OTT films like Sherni, Jalsa, and Shakuntala Devi. This murder mystery thriller is set in a classic retro opulent setup with Vidya Balan as classic investigator Mira Rao. The film is centered on the suicide of Ram Kapoor's character Ashish Kapoor when he jumps off a cliff into a stormy sea at a self-hosted birthday party. The family gathered for the party are now the prime suspects of the suicide suspected to be intended murder which brings out the true colours of their bonds and dark secrets. The movie stars Prajakta Koli, Rahul Bose, Danesh Rizvi, Shahana Goswami, Shashank Arora, Neeraj Kabi, Amrita Puri, and many more. While the trio of Anu Menon, Vikram Malhotra, and Vidya Balan will be back after Shakuntala Devi. Let's find out the mystery of this storyline together and welcome Balan to theatres on 7 July.


3. 7:11 PM:

This is a Telugu movie releasing pan-India that will suffice the demand of all sci-fi enthusiasts asking Indian filmmakers to create a mind-blowing sci-fi for a long time now. 7:11 PM is a blend of sci-fi, action, thriller, and drama set up in an Indian small and beautiful town Hamsladeevi. The protagonist played by Sahas has to race against time to save himself as well as his dear ones have to race against time. The film is set in 3 timelines- 1999, the present, and 2400 and between two planets of Earth and Proxima EV-12. The story revolves around the protagonist Sahas whose hand has a clock instilled taking him near his assigned death by a heart attack. How will he save himself and his loved ones? The trailer already blew my mind, and you must watch this one for some of the finest cinematic experiences in theatres on 7 July. 

4. 72 Hoorein:

Walking in the footsteps of films like The Kerela Story and The Kashmir Files, The film 72 Hoorein is already criticised for being a propaganda film. The film is based on communal disparities and religious terrorism in the name of Jihad and brainwashing young minds in the name of Jannat and 72 Hoorein (72 virgins in heaven). The trailer shows Islamic terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, Hafiz Saeed, Ajmal Kasab, Yakub Memom, Masood Azhar, and terrorist organisations, and the film claims to be based on the true story of Fidayeens. This is already sparking debates and controversies, but how accurate the depiction would be, we will only find out on 7 July in theatres. 

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