John Travolta And Daughter ‘Grease’ The Dance Floor

Ella Travolta, John Travolta and daughter Ella
John Travolta: John Travolta and his daughter Ella Bleu Travolta were seen recreating dance sequence from Travolta’s famous 1978 film Grease in a commercial released during the Super Bowl games in America. 

Travolta’s dance moves with her co-star Olivia Newton-John from the film Grease is one of the classic scenes of cinema. When fans saw the actor doing the same with his daughter in recent commercial video, they nearly lost it. 

The commercial also starred Martha Stewart and fitness instructor Emma Lovewell, Kyle Busch of NASCAR, actor Carl Weathers along with The Office Star Leslie David Baker in the same grumpy charm from the comedy series. 

The stars were all seen gathered on the lawn doing their thing. While Busch was driving in the lawn, Leslie busy with barbecue, Travolta was seen struggling to put a camera on the video recording mode. Thanks to his daughter who repeatedly reminded him of the red button on the screen. 

As the father-daughter duo broke into dance, Martha Stewart was seen approving as she told John Travolta, ” You still got it”. The actor’s moves gave Twitter users a sweet moment to enjoy. One user, talking about the dance clip in the commercial wrote, ” This might be one of my favourite Super Bowl commercials this year” 

John Travolta has made a mark in the cinema space with his dance moves. His iconic movies including Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction are famous for his dance sequences. He had earlier shared a video of him dancing with his daughter Ella to honour his late wife who passed away in July 2020 suffering from breast cancer. 

Watch John Travolta dancing here: