The Burn Outs Are Getting Longer: Ira Khan On Healing From Depression

Ira Khan Instagram Post after Aamir Khan Divorce
Ira Khan on depression: Ira Khan in her latest Instagram post opened up about her attempt at healing from depression and its baggage. She wrote: “The burn outs are getting longer so now I have to try harder.”

The 23-year-old daughter of Bollywood star Amir Khan talked about the challenges and the hardships she has faced when it comes to her mental health over the past years in a six-minute-long IGTV video.


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In the video, Ira Khan said, “I feel like there’s a part of me that doesn’t believe me”. She also opened up about how her depression manifests itself in a way that it makes her “crash” because of things piling up. Khan said that sometimes her depression convinces her to believe that she is just “overreacting” to the situation.

She also talked about her “burnouts” and how she’s trying to figure out a way to make it better with the help of her therapists. “The plan is to reduce the frequency and intensity from the burnouts. I don’t need to change my entire being and functioning,” Khan wrote in the caption of her video. She said that it has taken her almost two months this time to get her back to functioning as a normal human from her recent burnout.

In the Instagram post, Khan also talked about the voices in her head and how they can be either great or detrimental to her mental health. In order to handle this, her therapist has told her that she just has to change the tone of the voices in her head without just ignoring it. Khan said that she hasn’t quite figured out how to do this yet but she is on her way to. 

Diagnosed with clinical depression over four years ago, Khan has been open about her mental health battles. Since last October, Khan has been using Instagram as a platform to share her thoughts and how she’s dealing with depression and the baggage that comes with it.

She has opened up about being to a doctor because of her mental health issues, being sexually abused at the age of 14, and also struggling to cope at her cousin, Zayn Marie’s wedding.