International Friendship Day 2022: 9 Shows That Captured The True Essence Of "Dosti"

From Grace and Frankie to Girls Hostel, here are nine shows that capture the true essence of friendship.

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International Friendship Day 2022 will be celebrated on July 30 and  it calls for remembering our favourite friend groups and duos that captured the hearts of the audience. These shows were not based on friendship genre but you cannot miss their lovely chemistry together.
International Friendship Day was started in 2011 by the United Nations with the purpose of promoting healthy international relations between countries. The day aims at sharing human spirit through bonds of friendship between people of different cultures and countries that will help create peace and solidarity in the world.

On a day devoted to friendships and celebrating human spirit, we can't forget these memorable friend groups and duos that stole the audience's hearts. Breaking barriers of age, gender and even class, these shows taught us that a good friendship can not only survive any challenge but also helps you make it through the difficulties that life presents.

Here are 9 shows on friendship to watch today with your pals:

Grace And Frankie

This comedy-drama show revolves around two women who are ditched by their husbands since they have been in love with each other for decades. Thrown into a unique situation, Grace and Frankie, who couldn't withstand each other earlier, become best of friends and support each other through rough times. Their friendship showed that it's not always about hugging and expressing love for your friend but being there in their highs and lows and sticking together even when you are tired of them matters more.

Only Murders In The Building


Only Murders In The Building is a comedy drama centered around a series of murders taking place in an apartment building that brings together three complete strangers, Mabel, Charles and Olive couldn't be more different from one another, the only common thing between them being an enthusiasm for a true crime podcast. The three come together to solve a murder mystery which brings them closer and establishes one of the most beautiful friendships on screen. They stand by, support, defend, help and have fun with each other despite of their age differences.

Made In Heaven

Tara Khanna and Karan Mehra from Made In Heaven are not just colleagues, they are best friends who stick to each other at all times. They have secrets, confusion, struggles and societal pressure to deal with and when things go downhill, they find comfort and support in each other's company. They accept each other with their flaws and are natural and comfortable which shows that great chemistry does not correspond to romance always.

This Is Us

The show is centered around the Pearson family and their struggles with issues that affect them and their loved ones. However, friendship is an integral theme of the show. We have duos like Jack and Miguel, Kate and Sophie and Kate and Madison who not only take the story of the show forward but also bring new depths to it.



Panchayat is about Abhishek Tripathi, an engineer who fails to grab an apt job opportunity and ends up working as a panchayat sachiv in a remote village. He is not happy there and finds it hard to adjust to the norms of the village first but soon makes good friends with the people of Fulera. Abhishek and his friends are not brought together by status or common lifestyle but by common problems. In difficult times, Vikas, Prahlad, Abhishek and Pradhan Ji not only stand by each other but are shown willing to go to any lengths to protect each other.

The Sex Lives of College Girls

This show is about four girls in their freshman years who deal with the college struggles and hardships as they try to keep their sexual lifestyle under covers. They come from totally different background and meet each other as roommates but slowly develop a deep bond with each other establishing great female friendship. As they go through hurdles and complications, they always have each other's back in the lows and enjoy the highs together.

The Boys

The Boys is a dark superhero series where the unexpected friendships and bonds among the lead characters make it much better. There are dangerous enemies as well as loyal friends, violent fights and touching moments that cannot go unnoticed. Duos like Billy Butcher and Ryan, Hughie and Victoria, Starlight and Maeve and Starlight and Homelander come together under different circumstances but what keeps them together is friendship and support to each other.

Girls Hostel


Freshers and seniors living under one roof for five years, what could go wrong? This OTT series revolves around dental students who must adjust to the hostel lives, marred by bad food, curfew timings and bra thefts, but at the core, this is also a show about female friendships. Even behind Joe (Shristi Shrivastava) and Zahira’s (Parul Gulati) enmity lies a tale of lost friendship that is just begging to be revived. But will sisterhood find a way to prevail?

Stranger Things

Stranger Things has bunch of lovely moments were we can see friendship at its best. While supernatural forces work in the forefront, the friendship between the leads Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin and Max and other important characters like Hopper, Karen, Kali, Steve and Robin works its magic and strengthen their team as they fight together to save the world. These friends support and love each other and are always ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their friends.

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