Is Indian Matchmaking Season 2 In The Works? Here's What You Should Know And Expect

Buzz on the block is that Indian Matchmaking season 2 will soon implode our screens and timelines, with yet another look into India's arranged marriage culture.

Tanvi Akhauri
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Is Indian Matchmaking season 2 dropping in soon? Will the original cast make a return or will Sima Taparia work with new clients? Where will it be available for streaming? All you need to know, in one place.

July 2021 will mark the first anniversary of the Netflix mini-series that kept masses entertained during the initial months of lockdown: Indian MatchmakingThe 'cupidity' of matchmaker-in-chief Sima Taparia for each of her vibrant clients looking for love had prompted a range of reactions then - anger towards regression in arranged marriages, humour for the bizarre words of those looking to be arranged.

Overall, with memes online, debates in friend chats, and reruns on video calls, Indian Matchmaking season 1 seemed like a good bargain against the loss of social lives owing to the pandemic out of doors. In Sima 'aunty's golden words, "Beta, you have to compromise."

And now, as we clock in on one year, history seems to be repeating itself. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the chaos resembles how things were in 2020. If possible, they seem to be even worse now and lockdowns look imminent. Our COVID-19 coverage here. To strengthen that deja vu, word on the block is that Indian Matchmaking, like our pandemic fears, will probably return for a second season!

Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

After the success of the first season, creator Smriti Mundhra had expressed definite interest in a second season that would pick up further on the thread of India's culture and investment in marriages 'arranged' on the basis of pre-determined factors.

She told OprahMag in July 2020, "I truly hope that we're lucky enough to get a second season... The parameters of these shows are appealing to people because we live in this paradox of choice... There's something very appealing to having a more curated experience, like what Sima provides."


The reality television-documentary format of the Indian-American Indian Matchmaking had afforded it the appeal that English-language 'dating' shows like Love Is Blind enjoy on Netflix. The India-centred 'big, fat wedding' genre is, of late, seeing increased popularity especially on this streaming platform, the most recent example being The Big Day. 

So while Netflix hasn't given a public greenlight for a second season of Mundhra's show, it may well do so soon.

Will People From The Previous Season Return?

A hook that convinced fans Indian Matchmaking season 2 would return was the cliffhanger-of-sorts the first season ended on. Taparia's last client on that season, a woman named Richa, hadn't met her match.

That may well have been a device to show the continuity of Taparia's matchmaking work that never stops. But a strong reason for believing that the second season will pick up where it left off, with its original cast in tow, is that most of them admitted to breakups with their Taparia-arranged partners after season 1 ended. 

Aparna Shewakramani, dubbed the head-strong 'girlboss' of Indian Matchmaking season 1 who was paired with multiple men, told LA Times last year that her matches "were all wonderful people... They just weren’t the one for me." She was a standout character on the show - one of the most acclaimed, as well as among the most criticised - for her ungiving personality, as far as choosing the right husband was concerned.


She was the one most at the end of Taparia's "compromise, adjust" lectures.

But she admittedly matched wavelengths with two other women on the show who might make a return for season 2: Nadia Jagessar and Ankita Bansal. Jagessar, remembered as the bubbliest participant, also broke off with her matches and gained an appreciation for breaking down the "stereotypical South Asian expectation" from women looking for marriage. Bansal, meanwhile, an India-based designer, was also noted for her resolve to not bow down to unrealistic expectations from women.

Mundhra has revealed that over 500 people were considered for the first season, which may well be an indication of the many more candidates that would "want to be on <Indian Matchmaking season 2> specifically to bring up issues — whether it's patriarchy, colorism, or religious diversity."

There is no word yet on filming. An update can be expected soon perhaps when the COVID-19 situation is better contained.


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